15 Most Heartwarming Acts of Kindness of 2018

Good hearts, all around

By Helaina Hovitz

The evening before Walter Carr’s first day of work, his car broke down. After the Alabama resident failed to find a ride to his new job as a mover—20 miles from his apartment—he decided he would have to walk it, reports the Washington Post. He started his journey at midnight in order to arrive at the job by 8:30 a.m. At one point, he was threatened by a dog; later on, while he was resting, a policeman came along and ended up offering him a ride and breakfast.

Twenty-year-old Carr eventually made it. When the homeowner that Carr was moving heard his story, she was so inspired that she started crowdfunding campaign for him. She set a goal of $2,000 but ended up raising $44,000 for the college student. Carr’s new boss—the CEO of Bellhops Moving—was so impressed by Carr’s heart and determination that he gave Carr his 2014 Ford Escape. “The lesson of my story is it’s great to reach people,” Carr told the Washington Post. “I always wanted to inspire people.” Read these stories about the kindness of strangers that will make you tear up. Read more at Readers Digest online

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