5 Keys to Keeping Your Move Organized

5 Keys to Keeping Your Move Organized

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Whether your lease is expiring or you finally closed the deal on your dream home, the process of moving is often a dreaded experience. If you’re facing this daunting challenge, don’t let the stress overwhelm you. Instead, check out these five easy organization tips to ensure the move goes smoothly. These simple strategies will have you kicking up your feet in your new home in no time!

1. Clear Out Clutter

Before you start thinking about filling up a box, the battle begins with clutter. Why bother packing up junk you’ll have to deal with later? Instead, do a sweep of the house and purge anything you haven’t used in years or have been meaning to get rid of. Some of the biggest contributing culprits of moving bloat are clothes, small appliances, and kitchen supplies. There are plenty of great causes to donate these items to, and in most cases, you can also get a tax write-off.

2. Start Early

The expression “the early bird gets the worm” was a common refrain from many parents growing up. While you may not have seen it coming, this wisdom applies to planning a move. If you’re expecting assistance with your furniture and boxes, make sure to hire a moving company as far in advance as possible. Schedules can fill up quickly, leaving you with a lot more legwork than anticipated.

The same strategy also applies to your supplies. There are plenty of places to get free moving boxes, but a busy weekend can leave a limited supply at your local store. Stock up on essentials such as boxes, tape, labels, and bubble wrap so you can focus all of your energy on packing.

3. Make a List

It’s only when you start packing up your home do you realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Despite finding some hidden treasures, the sheer volume of items is more than one person can keep in their head. Just like grocery shopping, a great way to make sure nothing is forgotten is to make a list of everything you packed from each room. This little extra effort will help simplify the unpacking process when you finally move into your new space.

4. Label Everything

A list ensures everything is accounted for, but you can really make the moving process run smoothly by giving your items detailed labels. This not only helps you get everything out easily, but it will also help the movers know where in the house each box belongs. One of the most popular methods is to color code for each room or floor of the house. No more running heavy boxes up and down the stairs!

5. Keep Essentials Close

Nothing is worse during a move than looking at a mountain of boxes and having no idea where your spare car key or dog’s leash ended up. Now you have no option but to dig through one by one, undoing all of the hard work you’ve already done. Avoid this maddening scenario by keeping your essentials close in a personal moving bag. Gather the items you know you’ll need like clothes for work or important documents and pack them away in a suitcase that’s always easily available.=

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