When your family comes to visit, you want to make sure they have as much fun in Columbus as you do. What better way to entertain them than with showing them how fun this city can be? Here is a list of fun things to do in Columbus, Ohio this weekend:

Darby Creek from the Bellhops article "Things to do in Columbus, Ohio this weekend"
Battelle Darby Creek

1. Visit Some Parks:
Parks are all over the place around Columbus. Whether you’re looking for a park for dogs, bikes, for walking, or a park for simply enjoying some beautiful scenery and conversation, Columbus is chalk full of beautiful parks. Words really don’t do these works of Mother Nature (and a little bit of public funding) justice. Go adventure and enjoy the beautiful Columbus views.

2. Eat At Buckeye Donuts:
Buckeye Donuts is open 24 hours a day, which is all too convenient for those seeking snack-ability at any random moment. Equipped with a multitude of foods, such as gyros, breakfast mainstays of all types, donuts (of course), and sandwiches, Buckeye Donuts makes for an awesome culinary spot. See for yourself, it’s one of the trademark Columbus diners.

Buckeye Donuts from the Bellhops article "Things to do in Columbus, Ohio this weekend"
Buckeye Donuts

3. Go Campus Gazing:
The Ohio State University has some of the coolest buildings you’ll ever find on a college campus. Sight-seeing around the school is one of the more entertaining, free, activities to do and it should not be taken for granted. OSU has one of the best recreational centers in the nation, a lake in the center of campus known as Mirror Lake along with a few large oval walkways surrounded by grassy areas, a very unique Wexner arts building, and a library more grand than just about anything you’ve ever seen. Walking through OSU is definitely different, but one of the more interesting things to do in Columbus, Ohio this weekend.

4. Eat at Cazuelas Grill:
Cazuelas is a quaint Mexican restaurant providing authentic food along with great deals and service. $15 dollars will go a long way there, as you can get appetizing margaritas, tacos, and sides and still include the tip. Happy hour offers nice specials each day as well—and don’t forget about the free chips and salsa.

5. Play Some Sports:
To consider The Ohio State University one of the more athletic schools in the nation would be an understatement. It is ridiculous how many activities and sports take place around not only the campus, but also the nearby areas. High schools branch out and carry on the general spirit of energy as well and the upbeat city tempo appears to carry on to sports for the entire city. Sports, among many other OSU contributions, truly are a great way to unify people. Getting outside and playing sports is one of the more fun things to do in Columbus, Ohio this weekend

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