5 Ways to Make Money on the Weekend

Maybe you’re a student and your class schedule prevents you from holding a nine-to-five. Maybe you’ve got that nine-to-five but want to boost your income a little more. Or maybe you want to devote your weekdays to writing the Next Great American Novel. In any case, you’re looking for well-paying, even emotionally satisfying weekend work. Look no further. We’ve got the details on five great weekend jobs that’ll help you pay the bills and gain some skills.

TylerTribe long distance move with Bellhops


At Bellhops, you can set your own hours, work with a great team, and make a good chunk of change (without having to sit behind a desk!). That’s why this position appeals to so many people looking for extra work that can fit within their schedule. At Bellhops, our movers enter their schedule into the Bellhops app and then get matched with people who need help moving. This schedule can be adjusted each week, so you can change things up if your work routine or lifestyle changes. 

Each bellhop on our team works with dedication and heart. We are a team of hard-working people who approach life with optimism, care for others, and look for ways to improve our services. In addition, each bellhop must be able to meet certain physical and logistical aspects of the job. 

Some simple requirements include being 18 years or older and owning a smartphone. A bellhop must also be able to lift 100 pounds, have their own transportation, pass an online background check, and have a standard checking account. Then, they must apply online and complete the Bellhops interview process. 

Our bellhops make an average of $21 an hour, including tips and bonuses. This payment will drop into your account on a weekly basis, so you’ll be paid quickly for your work. You can also receive extra compensation for referrals and great performance. Other similarly flexible jobs like Uber and Lyft don’t offer the same compensation. After paying all expenses, and after the app takes its cut, drivers for these services make on average between $8.55 and $11.77 per hour.


Lots of people looking for part-time or weekend work consider food service. Depending on the restaurant, you can make a good stack of cash working during your off hours as a waiter or waitress. Few qualifications are required since many people land their first job in the food industry. 

To stand out, the most important skills you can highlight in your application are plating, barista, hospitality, cooking, or host/hostess experience. If you can show with any of your previous work experience that you’re a hard-working, reliable, and friendly person who can multitask, you’ll be well on your way to landing a job in the food industry.

The national average for hourly pay as a waiter or waitress is $16 an hour. The majority of these hourly wages range between $10 and $17. If you’re interested in adding a few extra hundreds to your monthly income, weekend waiter or waitress work could do the trick!

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Personal Trainer

If health and physical fitness is an interest of yours already, personal training can be a great higher-paying part-time job to add to your schedule. This position requires a bit of work upfront though. Personal trainers must complete their AED and CPR certification and then pass their exams for their personal training certification. Some of the top programs include NASM, ACE, FM, and NSCA. 

Depending on your level of experience and how you build your personal training business, you can make between $25 and $50 per 30-minute session, $40 to $70 per hour session, and $60 to $100 per 90-minute session. Becoming a trusted trainer and building your client base does take a bit of marketing work, so many personal trainers make this work their full-time gig. However, maximizing your time by teaching group classes can be a great strategy to make a lot of money in a short amount of time as a personal trainer.


You may be looking to make some extra cash and get some fresh air all at once. As a landscaper, your job might include planting flowers and trees, pulling weeds, mulching, mowing, and repairs to outdoor structures such as patios and driveways. As a whole, landscapers are responsible for caring and cultivation tasks in both residential and industrial complexes.

We talked to our friend, David, and asked him what skills you need to land a landscaping job. David has worked in landscaping for over a decade. Now, he’s a Project Manager and Site Supervisor. He explained that on his team, you must have a driver’s license and, since he has a great multi-cultural team, being bilingual in both English and Spanish is a big bonus. 

The most important qualification David looks for, though, is experience. He said, “The more a new applicant knows about construction, the better. If they’ve never done work like this before, you may not really understand how we work. Landscaping and similar jobs require you to work hard until the job is done. It’s not a set 9-to-5 set up. You get done when you get done, and a qualified worker understands that.” 

Wages for landscaping vary depending on the job, its location, and your experience. But on average, landscapers make around $11 per hour. Some government agencies pay a bit more. In this case, the average worker can earn up to $14 per hour.


On and off, you may get the opportunity to pet or house sit. This option can be a great fit if you’re not needing something consistent but are open to work when it comes up. Sites like House Sitter and Pet Sitter or Rover can help you connect with more jobs. But for this convenience, these sites pull out a small portion of your earnings.

Requirements and qualifications for a house and pet sitter are pretty straight forward. Be trustworthy and reliable, turn up and leave when expected, follow instructions, and leave the space clean and intact. You may be responsible for pet care as well, which may require you to feed, water, groom, clean, medicate, or exercise the homeowner’s animals. Each home and homeowner is different, so make sure that your duties are clearly defined and that you both agree on fair payment.

Most house sitters charge $25-$45 per day. Professional pet sitters charge an average of $25 per 30-minute visit, $20 to $30 per day, or $45 to $75 per night. Depending on your area and other factors this number might fluctuate. How much you can charge depends on several factors like your location, the types of services you’re offering, the size of the house, the number of pets, and the length of your stay.

Join Our Team, Get Some Green

We’d love to have you join us at Bellhops (and, if you’re like us, you’ll love those extra 21 bucks per hour in your pocket). To learn more about becoming a mover with Bellhops, check out our job info and easy application here. We wish you well in your search. Now, onto that New York Times Bestseller!

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