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One Month In, We’re Building Your Smartest Move

Four weeks ago, after joining Bellhops as CEO, we held our first company-wide meeting, a “no-holds-barred” Q&A. I thought I would be ready to answer anything, but I wasn’t ready for ‘what is your dream job’? I wanted to sound aspirational, but my mind kept returning to the same honest answer. My dream job is exactly here–at Bellhops; at this time; right as we’re taking off. A month later, that sentiment remains the same.

My first month has been tremendously rewarding. I met with each employee, talked to customers, and immersed myself in our business. I even put on the signature headband working moves as a newbie bellhop. After all this, it is clear we are not just building a better way to move–we’re changing moving in three key ways.


The traditional moving industry is shrouded with negative suspicions and wariness. We are actively disrupting this pessimistic narrative and our team of bellhops is the secret.

They are empathetic, energetic current and former college students looking to fund their education and fuel personal growth. Their enthusiasm for providing a quality move is further enhanced by our support team’s intrinsic hospitality. With a shared obsession in providing world class service, we continue to lead the industry in customer NPS scores and reviews.


The amount of manual work done by traditional movers to book moves is shocking. We’re talking clipboards, phone calls, and legal pads. Much of these practices are the same as 30 years ago, not a smart move.

Gone are the days of hidden fees, difficult booking processes and general anxiety that comes from hiring movers. Our tech-based model creates efficiencies that make for simpler booking, more transparent pricing, better communication, and increased reliability.


Our technology also allows us to be much more efficient, and we pass that savings onto our customers. Our average move is nearly 20% less, leaving our customers with more money in their pockets to buy more furniture or go out to dinner in their new neighborhood.

The road ahead for Bellhops is bright. While we’ve come far in building a world-class workforce and developing our technology, this is just the beginning of building Your Smartest Move.

As for me, I couldn’t be more excited. With this team and our outlook, this is the dream job.

Let’s get moving,










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