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How to Arrange Your Living Room and Make Your Friends Jealous

So you’ve moved into a new place. Any thoughts on arranging the living room beyond TV here, couch there? Decorating can be hard…We get it. That’s why we’re giving you some pro-tips to up your feng shui game. Here are eight easy steps to show you how to arrange your living room like a pro:

1. Focus Point:
Pick a focal point in your living room to make it both functional for your needs and suited to your lifestyle. Whether it be an emphasis on the TV, on conversation, or a kid-friendly area, orient everything around that. Trying to focus on multiple areas in the room will leave it purposeless and with a high level of derp.

2. Cleared Entryway:
Make sure your entryway is clear of clutter and not crowded with furniture. Nobody wants to walk into the back of a sofa, trip over shoes or bags. Remember the entryway is the eyes of the home. Or the window to the soul of the room, or something. You get it—first impressions count.

3. Flat is Whack:
As a rule of thumb, never push your furniture completely flat against the wall, especially concerning tables and sitting furniture. Yeah, squeeze that bulky entertainment center into the corner as best you can, but doing so will make it seem like you’re trying (and failing) to make the space seem bigger. Keep couches and tables and shelves an inch or two off the wall to make it feel more inviting and less forced.

4. Furniture Colors:
When choosing colors, use smaller pieces to add bolder tones, such as pillows and throw blankets. For big pieces, play it safe with neutral tones on sofas, entertainment centers or tables, since they never go out of style. If you’re dying to make your living room feel more alive, splurge on an accent chair or lamp with some color variety. We like Bellhops green. A lot.

If you are going to hang paintings or mirrors, make sure you don’t hang them too high. A tad below headband level is best.

5. Rugs:
If you’re going to use an area rug, make sure it touches all your furniture. This makes the room feel like one complete space, rather than a bunch of debris dropped from a cargo plane.

6. Space Illusions:
The biggest struggle with small spaces is making them feel cozy, but not confining. Using mirrors and floor lamps that give off lighting with height will give off the illusion of a bigger space. If you are going to hang paintings or mirrors, make sure you don’t hang them too high. A tad below headband level is best.

7. Storage Is Your Best Friend:
Wicker or woven baskets are awesome for keeping remotes, magazines, pens, and eyeglasses off your table space. You’ll thank us when you’re finally able to set down your drink without rearranging three months’ worth of TV guides to find a spot.

8. That One Awkward Corner:
Just about every living room in America has one empty, awkward corner. Eliminate yours by adding floating shelves or a potted plant to fill the space. This fills and creates a cozy vibe without having to cram more furniture in the room. For you brown-thumbs out there, the potted plant can be fake.

Not everything’s a competition, but you can still win. Time to make your living room the best on the block. Once you figure out how to arrange your living room, just give us a call. We’ll do the lifting.

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