The Best Breweries in Miami, FL (A 2019 Guide)

The Best Breweries in Miami

Beautiful-good. This is the name ancient Sumerians gave to the delicious biochemical concoction we now call beer.

Beer brings people around a table, fosters conversation, and opens opportunity for communal fellowship centered around the shared experience of enjoying refreshing, satiating beverages together. Not to mention, this bubbly brew releases the feel-good hormone, dopamine, which makes these gatherings all the more jovial.

I imagine the ancient beer-creators of old speechless after their first ceramic bowl full, dodging yeast clumps and particles with bamboo straws, then exclaiming the two most flattering, celebratory adjectives they could think up to describe their new boozy discovery: “Beautiful! ….Good!”

Many of today’s leading breweries across the country respectfully use beer’s rich history as a foundational stepping stool to launch themselves toward more creative, modern takes on traditional recipes. With craft beer on the rise, more and more entrepreneurs and beer connoisseurs are building their own breweries and pubs, positioning their take on this ancient creation from a different and unique angle.

Here at Bellhops, we are scanning the country, seeking out the best breweries that capture beer’s potential and provide delicious brews to happy patrons (we’re a modern alternative to traditional moving companies in Miami, by the way). City by city, we’re doing the work and investigation so that you can focus on enjoying your beer and the people around you.

Next up, we’re strapping on bikinis and wizard hats and visiting The Magic City. Across its stretch of fantastic beachfront, Miami, FL has packed in a few breweries worth visiting during your sunny vacation. Look below for our list of the seven best breweries in Miami with fresh brews that will help you beat the Florida heat.

#7: KUSH

Eat and drink to your fill at this little brew-space that serves up a rotating list of local and far-off beer from their favorite breweries with their own brews. Even in its tight facility, Kush packs in tasty beers from their 18 taps and nitro keg, along with the occasional special release bottles and aged rarities. Kush is decorated with ease. Local art and graffiti murals scatter simple walls, and tables and chairs find corners and nooks to sit tightly. And in the midst of this comfortable environment, Kush serves up some tasty comfort food, like their Frita burger served with crispy bacon and topped with a guava jelly and gruyere cheese, or their fresh, fried Florida Alligator Bites served with creamy garlic and spicy mayo.

Try this: American IPA with Strawberries

This hazy deliciousness is fruity and hoppy. It’ll sneak up on you, though, being very drinkable even at 6%ABV.

#6: Boxelder Craft Beer Market

While technically not a brewery, you’ll find plenty of local and far-off brews to enjoy at this beer market. The family-owned local hub provides a plethora of bubbly sippers for its thirsty patrons from craft breweries across the country. They also work as a bottle shop and offer take-home brews, from creamy stouts to funky wild ales, to kombucha. Boxelder keeps it entertaining with regular tap takeovers, movie screenings, and rotating weekly events for its local supporters. In addition to their funky drinks and fun events, Boxelder serves up an interesting menu for one-of-a-kind beer pairing opportunities.

Try this: A Flight

If there ever was a time to sample several beers at once, it’s at Boxelder. Why not dabble in a few favorite picks of craft breweries across the country? Plus, since the menu continuously changes, you’ll be sure to catch a nice sampling before new brews are rotated in.

#5: The Tank Brewing Company

The Tank puts their full effort behind creating a consistent brewing process to make quality beers. Instead of focusing mainly on wild flavors and recipes, The Tank wants to insure that each of their beers tastes professional, without off flavors or issues with their batches. However, with a staff of South Florida natives, The Tank certainly knows how to make brews that are refreshing and drinkable in a hot, beachy climate, and they experiment with various styles from brown ales to pale ales. The Tank shows the blooming craft-beer world that you don’t have to be outrageous to make an interesting beer, and their taproom is evidence of this sentiment from their 16 taps. Settled next to the adjacent cigar lounge, many Tank visitors pop in after their drink for a few tranquil pulls at a quality stogie.

Try this: La Playita

This hoppy German Pils gives an herbal zestiness to a crisp lager. Its bright, spicy, and clean.

#4: Concrete Beach Brewery

This massive brewery can often be found throwing region-renowned block parties for Mardi Gras or Oktoberfest, and when they can’t bring it to the block, they party in the spacious taproom. Easy drinkers like pilsners and lagers man most of the taplist at Concrete beach, making this brewery a perfect destination for lazy, easy-going beach days. Part of Alchemy & Science, an independent subset of Boston Beer Company, Concrete Beach’s brews and atmosphere feel like they’ve been made by a man with experience in the craft beer world.

Try this: Rosé Ale

This beautiful rosey brew will send wine-lovers spinning. Brewed with Zinfandel grapes, the beer gives hints of light tannins, blueberry, and fruity-fresh sweetness.

#3: Funky Buddha Brewery

Looking to pair your brew with some entertaining activities? Funky Buddha, South Florida’s largest craft microbrewery, deserves a trip out to Oakland Park and a lengthy visit. This brewery provides its patrons with several games on its stretching patio, hundreds of seats, a generous tap list of 25+ brews, and tasty beer-food. Their open taproom houses regular events like $12 Burger and Beer Tuesdays, Taco Thursdays, and Monday night football-trivia nights, and they keep their beers pumping out seven days a week from 11:30am to midnight. Their titan brewing facility packs in a 45,000 BBL system (compared to the average neighborhood micro-brewery at around 1000 BBLs), and their brews do not pale or shrink in comparison. In fact, one might say their beers are as big and bodacious as buddha himself.

Try this: Eternal Summer

Funky Buddha’s crisp citrus blond ale is refreshing and crushable at 5% ABV. At 20 IBUs, this brews crisp pilsner malts are perfectly complemented with a dry finish.

#2: J Wakefield Brewing

Tucked into Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, this quirky, Star Wars themed taproom fits right in. While brewing traditional styles, J Wakefield commonly throws in a surprising ingredient, most of which can be found in the local growth of the Floridian landscape. Amidst flashy art and warm orange lights, J Wakefield’s bar boasts 15 beers on tap, with world-renowned bubblies like their Dragon Fruit / Passion Fruit and Miami Madness Berliner Weisses. Riding on his early recognition for these very brews, founder Johnathan Wakefield raised $55K to start J Wakefield within 30 hours during his crowd-funded campaign. Trot on over to their cantina-taproom and taste one of the brews that inspired Florida to throw thousands in J Wakefield’s direction.

Try This: El Jefe

J Wakefield’s traditional German Hefeweizen boasts a fresh Florida flair with beachy flavors from their additional ingredient: coconut. A sweet, clovey brew turned tropical.

#1: MIA Beer Company

With 80’s themed bright colors and bold beers like Miami Weiss, Neon White IPA, Big in Japan Sake Beer, and Kilty Pleasure Scotch Ale, MIA is not worried about being coy or creating drinks with refined, subtle delicacy. Go big or go home is the unspoken theme of MIA, and though their taproom displays the rustic wood, warm Edison bulbs, and dimpled, black leather seats of a more sophisticated brewery, they’ve thrown in a few rows of neon purple lighting to remind their patrons of their audacious theme. In house, they serve over 50 beers on draft and a stuffed full food menu featuring plates like their Truffle Turkey Brie Grilled Cheese and their Tequila Lime Fish Tacos topped with pineapple pico and cabbage pickled onion slaw.

Try this: Tourist Trappe

If that delicious description of MIA’s fish tacos stole your heart as much as it did ours, than try out pairing it with the only beer on the menu that can stand up to its strong, spiced flavors: Tourist Trappe, a 10% ABV Belgian-Style Tripel-kicker. This brew is balanced with blond malts and dark, spicy fruit notes from the Belgian yeast. Its sweet, softly spiced, and sneakily strong.

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