The Best Breweries in Orlando (2019)

The Best Breweries in Orlando

In the heart of Florida, reaching the coastal waters isn’t as easy as you might think. Orland sits smack in the middle of the state, an hour West and one and a half hours East of the closest shorelines. But now, its very easy to reach another cold refresher in the midst of Florida’s blazing heat. To our gratitude, Orlando has added a few bubbly brews to its menu, and craft beer flows down the Central Florida Ale Trail. Here at Bellhops (we’re a modern alternative to traditional moving companies in Orlando, by the way), these are the breweries that “bubble up” to the top of our list:

#7: Ten10 Brewing Company

Located in the Mills 50 District of Orlando, Ten10 opened in 2015 with the mission to create drinkable brews made with pure, clean ingredients that would bring people together. Ten10 owners, Patrick McPherson, and Mike Wallace, then, spent several years planning, designing, and creating a brewery they believe does just that. In their casual taproom, Floridians feast on savory sandwiches, while they sip brews and laugh with friends. Join the Tuesdays Run Club and jog out a free 5k before beating the heat with one of their carbonated coolers on tap.

The brewery’s proudest event happens annually in late summer, when they invite locals to join them as they shout out one last farewell to summer during their Tropical Treatwave event. During this 2018 farewell festival, they opened up an extremely crushable tap list with fruit-bomb beers like Red Waves, an hazy, Hawaiian IPA that brings to the drinkers memories of chugging juicy, red fruit punch in their childhood, the Arethusa, a Rum-soaked, oak-aged tart wheat beer brewed with banana, blackberry, orange and pineapple, and their beachy version of this brew, the Pina Coladaburg, which has been brewed with pineapple, coconut, and lime.

Try this: Subtropic Saint

This light, crisp Kolsch makes drinking easy at 4.7%ABV. Subtropic Saint has been lightly hopped, allowing those amazing malty Kolsch notes to shine through. Pair this balanced, bready brew with Ten10’s most satiating and savory menu items: Street Tacos. This meal is made with warm corn tortillas, piled with braised pork, black beans, pico, mango con chile, and queso fresco.

After indulging in your dinner pairing, enjoy a sweet treat and try Ten10’s Frap The Pain Away. This smooth white stout wafts notes of sweet cream and sea salt caramels. A delicious, drinkable dessert.

#6: The Bear & Peacock Brewery

Built in a revamped Auto Body building on Orange Avenue in Winter Park, this Brewstillery has wrangled everything-alcohol under its roof. Find the owners and workers bustling to manage this fully-functioning liquor distillery, brewery, packaging store, and taproom. Their funky interior design feels friendly to the local and tourist alike, and customers are encouraged to ask for recommendations from the knowledgeable staff, grab a board game from the shelves, or bring their pup to relax alongside them. Enjoy a refreshing brew on the cooler days in The Bear & Peacock’s beer garden, or attend a Tuesday Night Trivia in the taproom.

The Bear & Peacock Brewery prides itself on showcasing truly local craft brews and distilled liquors. In fact, this unordinary microbrewery offers Orlando’s locals the first locally-made bourbon in the state: Bear Gully Classic Reserve.

Try this: Goldilocks

This Belgian style ale is fruit-tastic! Brewed with fresh pear, this beer is a delicious blend of sweet and malty. Even at 7.5% ABV, you’ll find yourself refreshed and fighting off that Florida heat.

#5: Orange County Brewers

Head brewer, Amanda Roberts, offers a variety of quality, well-balanced brews to her customers, and proudly counts herself as the second female brewer in the area. Amanda shares her enthusiasm for beer with other brewers close by, specifically through her membership with Girls Pint Out Orlando, the Pink Boots Society, and Central Florida Brewers Association. And in the midst of her serious determination to brew quality and creative beers, she loves to share her knowledge with others – often giving impromptu brewing lessons to curious guests.

This casual and welcoming brewery wants every customer to have the opportunity to drink like a local, and experience just how thirst quenching their unique, flavorful brews can be in the Sunshine State. Their entrepreneurial energy can be felt upon walking into the brewery and gazing at the bright, vibrant murals across the taproom walls. But you’ll also taste their adventurous energy when sipping at some of their bold, experimental brews.

Try this: The Flight

Sample a variety of Orange County’s brews, served in a buffed and varnished wooden paddle shaped like the state of Florida. Try out their Green Tea IPA, a hoppy brew that features green tea and orange peel, the Florida Beer Key Lime Cider, and their Grapefruit Blond Ale. Pair your flight with an in-house pizza pie to complete your evening out.

#4: Sea Dog Brewing Company

Founded in 1993 in Maine, Sea Dog has now stretched its fin-paws across the country and opened seven locations, one of which is conveniently located 10 minutes outside Disney Springs on Palm Parkway. Their distinct and crips brews, which have won several awards are made with the intent of capturing the spirit of the coastal seafaring history. Sea Dog’s mascot, a Great Pyrenees sporting a flopping yellow sou’wester fishing hat displays their theme proudly, and occasionally makes an appearance in the brewery, fitting in well with the dramatizations of the nearby theme park.

Try this: Hazelnut Porter

Brewed with four different malted barleys, this concoction has resulted in a full-bodied beer with a roasted nuttiness and hints of hazelnut. Its smooth, creamy, and wears its winnings proudly – a silver and bronze from San Diego County Fair (2006 and 2007), an honorable mention from the California Brewer’s Festival (2006), and a 1st Place from the West Coast Brewer’s Festival (2007). Whether or not you’re dazzled by this Porters medals, we’re pretty sure you’ll drain the glass when testing out this brew for yourself.

#3: Dead Lizard Brewing Company

Tucked among the monochromatic warehouses of the 33rd Street Industrial Park, Dead Lizard blends in with its concrete block walls, metal decor, and stainless steel brewing vats. But this brewery unabashedly bursts with bold beers, like their Strawberry Rhubarb Tilted Tonic, their caramel-vanilla Winter Shandy, or their Komodo “KoKo” Dragon Chocolate Stout. Dead Lizard’s founder and brewmaster, Richard Dine, had beer in his blood, and started brewing decades ago after his grandfather, father, and brother passed on the family tradition to him. After years of homebrewing for family and friends, he and his wife decided to share their special recipes with the entire community, and opened up one of the best brew spots to stop by when venturing through Orlando.

Try this: Key Lime Chameleon Cream-Sic-Ale (on Nitro)

This light Cream Ale has been brewed with vanilla and key limes to create a Florida vacation in a bottle.

#2: Crooked Can Brewing Company

Tucked inside historic Winter Garden’s beautiful, artisan Plant Street Market, Crooked Can pumps out delicious brews for people to sip on while they shop around the farmers market and enjoy the regular live entertainment or rest around tables along the pet-friendly patio.  This brewery’s location is perfect for any lover of natural, organic food or homemade products, and visitors are welcome to peruse the 20 vendors tucked amidst brick walls and buffed wooden countertops. A large portion of the market is dedicated to Crooked Can’s striking taproom, which proudly displays thick cement bar tops and floors, smoothed cinder block walls with decorative wooden wall cladding, and gleaming stainless steel brewing equipment.

Try this: Cloud Chaser

This German-style Hefeweizen was brewed with an abundance of wheat, and gives off light hints of banana and clove – exactly what you’d expect and want from a classic Hefeweizen. Pair this banana brew with some pizza, sushi, wings, or a vegan dish from one of the neighboring vendors for a complete and delicious experience.

#1: Orlando Brewing

With the daring goal to brew only the best and highest quality ales and lagers, Orlando Brewing committed themselves to brew their beer in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516 (to use only four ingredients: water, yeast, hops, and barley) and to use only organic ingredients. Despite these self-imposed strict regulations, Orlando Brewing doesn’t fail to produce plenty of unique and innovative brews. And along the way, they decided to give themselves some slack on the rules and brew The Violator Series, which experiments with outlying ingredients that explore the previously forbidden flavors and self-banned spices. Both their purist or violation brews, though, are worth pausing to enjoy.

Orlando Brewing’s calendar is packed with fun, creative events like their Dirty Pour & Old Time Music Jam, where customers are invited to create a fluid painting, their Yoga, Tacos, & Beer night, Monday night Drink N’ Think Trivia, and Doughnut & Beer Pairing (all organic, of course).

Try this: La Guera

This light blonde lager is low in bitterness (only 6 IBUs) and brewed with organic Munich malts and Liberty hops. It’s deliciously crips and resembles a dry sparkling wine. An absolute winner in our book.

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