We’ll be Bold: These are the 7 Best Coffee Shops in Nashville, TN

The Coffee Lover’s Guide to High-Caliber Coffee Shops in Nashville, TN

There is plenty to love about Nashville, Tennessee. It sports one of the best live music scenes in the country. It is home to the Predator’s—last year’s championship NHL hockey team. It has arguably the best barbeque in the south (but don’t you dare say that to a Texan). And, its late night bar scene is about as wild as wild gets.

But, we aren’t going to talk about any of those things today. Nope. Instead, we are going to discuss something less appreciated in the great city of Nashville—the coffee culture.

That’s right coffee lovers; you can rejoice as you read this guide of the highest of high-caliber coffee shops in Nashville, Tennessee. Bookmark this guide, share it with a friend, print it out… whatever you decide to do, you can rest assured knowing that next time you go to Nashville, you will be leaving with a caffeine buzz.

Best Coffee Shops in Nashville

1. Crema.

We are going to kick off this list of the best coffee shops in Nashville with what many might consider to be the city’s coffee darling—Crema. It sports just one main location in a trendy little area of town referred to as SoBro. The coffee is strong, the customers are loyal, and the aesthetic is everything you would want in a coffee shop—clean, simplistic and super spacious. However, if you have a bit of an appetite, this is perhaps where Crema falls short. While they offer a few pastries, they don’t serve up any actual meals.

2. Dose.

When many people think of Nashville, they picture country… everything. Just one trip to Dose and your eyes will quickly put these assumptions to rest. You won’t see a pair of cowboys boots within a mile radius of the place. Dose is the go-to spot for counterculture enthusiasts. If you hang out at their long pearly-white counter for long enough, you are bound to hear more than a few conversations about music, art and pop culture. If you decide to stop in at Dose, we recommend you try one of their pour-overs. Coffee-loving locals say it is the best in town. But, we will leave that up for you to decide.

3. Slow Hand.

This 20-year-old veteran makes our best coffee shops in Nashville list for two reasons: a killer cup of joe and delicious food. It’s rare nowadays to find both under one roof, but that’s exactly what Slow Hand has accomplished. Between triple decker grilled cheeses, hearty chicken salad sandwiches and their infamous sea salt chips, if your coffee sipping tends to work up an appetite… Slow Hand is certainly the place to be.

4. Barista Parlor.

Nashville is known for having a ton of great neighborhoods –– all of which sport their own unique style and culture. Of these many boroughs, Germantown is arguably the trendiest. It is in proximity to downtown and is within walking distance of the city’s coolest shops, tastiest restaurants, and most popular bars. Barista Parlor happens to be in Germantown and on this list of the best coffee shops in Nashville, it is probably the most widely recognized on a national scale. They have a massive Instagram following with 58,000 followers and counting. From purely an aesthetic standpoint, it’s obvious that this coffee shop is well-above the rest in regards to its branding. Oh, and they also know a thing or two about coffee too.

5. Ugly Mugs.

While we don’t think you are anything close to ugly, we do recommend you pay Ugly Mugs a visit –– especially if you are into a pretty tasty cup of coffee. Ugly Mugs makes our best coffee shops in Nashville list because they source all of their coffee from a local roaster called Drew’s Brews, located in East Nashville –– an area of the city under a creative rebirth. But, what makes Ugly Mugs great isn’t the coffee as much as the culture. They are constantly hosting live events and working to get people spending more time together under one roof. If you are looking to experience the live music scene in Nashville on a more intimate level, Ugly Mugs is where you need to be.

6. Bongo Java.

You may or may not have heard of The Nun Bun. But, if you have, you know that Bongo Java is famous for it. No, seriously… like really famous. The Nashvillian coffee shop went viral after pulling the Nun Bun from their oven –– a cinnamon roll that looked eerily similar to Mother Theresa. The Nun Bun was so famous that after it was stolen from its display on one of Bongo Java’s shops, people in Britain were even talking about. Anyways, Bongo Java is Nashville’s oldest and arguably most respected coffee shops. And this reputation doesn’t come without a stellar cup of coffee. Whether you are looking for history, doughy unexplained phenomenon or a great coffee shop… look no further than Bongo Java.

7. Frothy Monkey.

The Frothy Monkey may be a bit of a tourist hot spot, but it’s on our list of best coffee shops in Nashville for a good reason –– great food, good coffee, and a warm feel. Some might argue that Frothy Monkey is more of a restaurant than a traditional coffee shop, but they still sport a great list of coffee and espresso beverages. However, if you are looking for a delicious brunch, Frothy Monkey is definitely worth checking out.

So Much Coffee, So Little Time

Okay, so there is our list of best coffee shops in Nashville. We’ve given you seven exceptional options, but if we were to choose the reigning king of Nashvillian coffee culture… who would it be? We’re going to have to go with Frothy Monkey. Oh, and before we forget to introduce ourselves, this article has been brought to you by Bellhops—the modern alternative to traditional moving companies in Nashville.

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