As one of the most historic cities in North America, Baltimore’s neighborhoods are full of nooks and crannies with hundreds of years of stories to tell. Finding the best places to live in Baltimore isn’t hard at all considering each neighborhood boasts its own unique benefits.

Encircling the Patapsco River at the northern fringe of the Chesapeake Bay, there is a large maritime culture pulsing across the city. Fresh seafood abounds, and pedestrians can walk along centuries-old stone pavers and brickwork. There are also long-established universities in Baltimore, like Johns Hopkins and Towson, that continue to attract and cultivate a young, educated population.

Baltimore has class, culture, and a bunch of neighborhoods that exemplify both. Here are some of the best places to live in Baltimore:

  • Federal Hill:

Federal Hill is a neighborhood in South Baltimore that’s centered around Federal Hill Park. The neighborhood is a federal historic district and has history stretching all the way back into the 1700s. There are rows of quaint brick town-homes, walkable streets, and a local marketplace called the Cross Street Market. The market serves the neighborhood with fresh produce, meats, and entertainment during the nights and weekends.

  • Guilford:
Guilford: Best Places to live in Baltimore
Sign at the entrance of Guilford

On the north side of Baltimore, you’ll find Guilford, a distinguished historic neighborhood. Guilford is also on the National Register of Historic Places and is known for its large brick homes on acres of green, manicured grass. Home to the Baltimore’s upper crust, the neighborhood is adjacent to Johns Hopkins and Loyola Universities. Guilford is also littered with dozens of little parks and gardens. Each spring thousands of people come to Guilford’s Sherwood Gardens to gaze at the rows of tulip blooms.

  • Charles Village:
Charles Village: Best Places to live in Baltimore
A row of colorful houses in the Baltimore neighborhood of Charles village

In the center of the Baltimore metro area is Charles Village. Charles Village is known for the “Painted Ladies,” a row of Victorian style town-homes painted a variety of vibrant colors. It’s on the opposite side of John Hopkins University from Guilford. The neighborhood resembles the exoticness of its flagship victorian houses with a population mixed with young professionals, blue collar workers, retirees, and artists. You can find one family homes as well as high rise apartments, and hip new warehouses-turned-apartments as well. Everything goes in Charles Village.

  • Canton:
O'donnell Square in Canton: Best places to live in Baltimore
O’Donnell Square

Canton is located two miles east of downtown Baltimore. It was originally home to blue collar workers who worked industrial trades on the waterfront. It then became a near ghost town when many of those industries dried up. Over the past 15 years, it has seen an urban renewal with rows up new brick houses and luxury harbor-front condominiums. Canton also contains O’Donnel Square which is a local park surrounded by bars and nightlife, serving as the neighborhood’s social hub. Canton is one of the best places to live in Baltimore for the young professional who wants the harbor and nightlife within walking distance.

  • Mt. Washington:
Mt. Washington Baltimore
A street corner in the Baltimore neighborhood of Mt. Washington.

Mt. Washington is located on the west side of Baltimore. It started as a suburb where urban professionals would live to get out from the hustle and bustle of the city. Through the years it has maintained that same theme. It’s full of small bungalows and large Victorian homes, which house empty-nesters and young families alike. At the center of this neighborhood is the Mt. Washington Village which includes small shops and locally owned restaurants.



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