Donating Old Furniture: Where To Give Your Furniture And Feel Like A Winner

Are you donating old furniture that you no longer need, but don’t know where to take it? And not in the neighborhood dumpster? Whether you’re looking for a helping hand when you move or even a helping hand for a non-move, check out these tips that tell you how to get rid of furniture, and make it count.

1. Do-Gooding by Downsizing:
One of the best parts about moving is that it gives you the chance to purge your inventory of non-essentials. Do you really think you’ll find a spot in your new place for that leg lamp or that old frat house couch? Even if you do, the leg lamp will end up in pieces, and your roommate will swear it was an accident. Once you’ve got that “not-for-keeps” pile, donate your old furniture. There are plenty of people out there who would cherish your mini fridge from college.

2. Who Wants Your Old Stuff:
Both Goodwill and Salvation Army have a lengthy history of using donated goods to offer a hand up to those in need. With a quick click of a finger, search for a nearby Salvation Army and a Goodwill store in your area. There are likely other great local nonprofits that would love to find new homes for your stuff. All it takes is a quick “Donate Furniture” Google search to locate these groups. Once you find an organization that has a mission you like, do some quick research to see if they have a specific need for your items. If they do, great! Suddenly your old rollerblades have a date with destiny.

3. The Best Donations are Still in Good Shape:
Obviously, your donations don’t need to be shiny and new, but it’s best to donate old furniture that’s still in good working order. Go raid those closets, attics and even your storage facility. The Salvation Army has a great rundown of donation guidelines. Donating old furniture is a lot easier than you think!

4. Who Doesn’t Love a Tax Write Off?:
When dropping off your furniture, be sure to bring an itemized list of your belongings and their values. Use the Salvation Army’s Donation Value Guide. Even if you’re giving to another nonprofit, it’s a well recognized standard to go by. Though they may not give one to you immediately, all nonprofits are required to provide you with a receipt for your donations. Ask about their receipt policy, and when you get yours make sure you hold on to it so you can write off your donations the next time you do taxes.

5. Donating is a Win/Win/Win:
When in the process of getting rid of your junk, Bellhops can lend a hand in a city near you. Donating old furniture means you’ll have more room for new furniture (win), your donations will enrich someone else’s life (win), and you may just save some loot on your taxes (win). So much win.

If you need help organizing, loading, and unloading your donations, visit Bellhops online or call 1 (888) 836-3939. We’ll get it all done on your schedule.

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