If you’ve recently bought (or are renting) your first house, congratulations! Now you need to get your hands on some essential yard tools. Why? 

Moving from an apartment into your first house means you have more privacy and, most likely, a lot more space. Not only are the rooms in your new house probably bigger than the rooms in your old apartment, but there are probably more of them, too. That additional room likely extends to the outside of the house, as well, as you might have a garage, porch, deck, or even a yard to call your own.

Having a yard for the first time means you’ll also have to do something you might not have had had to do before, yard work.

Keeping your yard looking good requires year-round care, and while that might seem like a daunting task, there are a few essential yard tools that can make the job a lot easier.

Add the following items to your springtime shopping list:

  1. Lawnmower. Mowing your lawn will be your biggest yard-related task. You’ll need to mow it every week or so from spring until early fall, and you’ll need to find a mower that’ll match your budget, lawn, and terrain. If you have a small lawn, a small push mower or electric mower will do the trick. If your lawn is considerably bigger and/or especially hilly, a riding mower is probably your best bet. Here’s a list of the most popular walk behind lawnmowers right now.
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  2. An edger and trimmer. Once you’ve mowed your lawn, you’ll also want to get rid of the grass on the edges of the yard along the sidewalk, driveway, walkway, and sides of the house. An edger is great for making the borders of your lawn look great, while a trimmer can reach the places a mower can’t. Here’s another list of the most popular edger/trimmers.
  3. A rake and (maybe) a leaf blower. While a rake might be all you need to remove leaves if you have a small lawn, a blower is great for removing leaves from a big lawn. (You’ll still need to use the rake to move the blown leaves into the lawn bags or sheets that you’ll be using to haul the leaves elsewhere.) A blower is also extremely helpful for clearing out any cut grass from your walkways or driveways after you mow your lawn. A rake is also great for helping to spread mulch, which makes it one of the more versatile essential yard tools.
  4. A hose and a sprinkler. Of course, you won’t have much of a lawn to mow if it gets too dry. A sprinkler will help your grass get the water it needs, especially during really hot months or if you live in a dry area of the country. You’ll need a hose to connect to the sprinkler, too. Make sure you get one long enough to allow your to sprinkler to reach the entire lawn. Pro tip: Do your watering in the morning in order to help the soil stay moist and avoid evaporation.
  5. A spreader. If you are going to spread any fertilizer, herbicide, or grass seed in your yard, you’ll need a spreader. Be sure to buy one with a handle and wheels, and consult your local hardware store about which products you should be using on your lawn. The spreader is one of the most underappreciated essential yard tools. After spreading grass seed on an acre plot by hand, a person normally learns how beneficial it is.
  6. A shovel. From time to time, you might find a big rock, small stump, your neighbor’s dog’s poop, or a deceased animal that you want to remove from your yard (yes, that actually happens). A heavy-duty digging shovel can come in handy for all of the above. It can also come in handy if you need to dig a hole in order to plant a plant or a bush in a flower bed.

The more time you spend working in your yard, the more you might find you like it. You might even want to spruce up the shrubs and/or flower beds in front of your house or build a small garden. If you do, you might also want to buy a drain spade, wheelbarrow, hedge clippers, a trowel (or soil scoop), and good pair of garden gloves.  

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