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First Night Moving Essentials That You Don’t Want to Forget

It’s your first night moving. After months of house/apartment hunting and weeks (or a few insane days) of packing, you just want to rest. But with all you’ve had on your mind throughout the crazy moving process, it’s easy to forget what you’ll need, when you’ll need it… and exactly where you packed it. It’s no fun digging through fifteen boxes for your toothbrush when you just want to fall asleep on your mattress beside your unassembled bed frame. So, to make that first night easier, pack a survival box of moving essentials with everything you’ll need:

1. Toiletries:
It’s the worst when you can’t find your face wash, allergy meds or any other toiletry that you might die without. You’ll want some good sleep on night one in your new place, so make sure you pack those essentials in your survival box. Purchase travel sized shampoos, conditioners, toothbrushes, etc. from your local grocery store to eliminate lugging around a giant bag full of your bathroom goodies. Remember to pack any prescription medication you might need and a roll of toilet paper. Seriously, don’t forget the toilet paper.

2. Sheets, Pillows, Towels, Oh My:
The first night in your new home should be a comfortable one. Thus, don’t forget to pack sheets, pillows and blankets in an easy-to-find box. Your new place may have a different sleep temperature than you’re used to, so bring warmer blankets in case you get a little chilly. And before you clock out on your busy day, hop in the shower so you can wake up refreshed. Don’t forget those pesky towels—no one likes cleaning up, only to realize you have nothing to dry yourself off with.

3. Clothes:
When moving, the majority of your closet is crammed in multiple boxes. So, pack away at least 2-3 days worth of clothing you might need. Some moving essentials are socks, underwear, shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. Also, keep in mind any events that may happen around “move in” day. You never know when you need specific gear (i.e. your glove for your company softball league, that sassy outfit for the Taylor Swift concert, etc.)

5. Food:
Lifting, pushing, and pulling giant boxes to and fro…you’re gonna need to refuel. Be sure to pack snacks, bottled water, quick meals and disposable eating supplies such as plastic plates, forks and napkins. No one has time to cook elite meal the night you move in—do you really want to clean dishes afterwards? Tackle a classic PB&J or look up the nearest pizza joint near you for a quick and easy moving meal. 

6. Moving Tools:
There you are, prepared to unpack these boxes and organize. You reach for the scissors to cut open the first box and then…wait, where are the scissors? Scissors or box cutters are essential tools to ensure your moving process runs smoothly. So, grab a pair (no running) and toss it in the survival box. A few other moving essentials are trash bags for the mounds of cut tape, blue recycling bags—because you love the earth—and your phone charger. Any electronics that you might need must have the buddy system with its rightful charger. 

Good luck unpacking and organizing. If you need extra muscle at any point, let Bellhops help with your move. 

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