Guest Room Essentials: 8 Must-Haves

When you move into a new place, you want to show it off. We get that. But if you don’t have a nice spot for your guests to sleep, bedtime might get awkward. So, here are the top 10 guest room essentials:

1. Bedding:
You can never have enough pillows and blankets for chilly nights, or for those impromptu blanket forts…because those are necessary. Make sure your guests can bundle into their blankety cocoons, only to awake as beautiful butterflies. 

2. Fan and/or Noise Maker:
The second guest room essential would be any type of noise maker. Some people have a hard time finding their sleep zone in a new environment. Help them settle into slumberland with a white noise machine and/or a humming fan. 

3. Towels:
Don’t make your guests dig around looking for towels. Set them in plain view that way they don’t have to go on an epic scavenger hunt fresh out of the shower.

4. Trash Can:
Most guests won’t think twice about a trash can when it’s there, but it’s a real annoyance when they need it and can’t find it. No need to be fancy here, but use trash bags for quick and easy cleaning between guests.

5. Luggage/Clothing Rack:
Travel and stiff backs go hand in hand, so your guests will love a rack, shelf, or stand for their luggage, allowing them to access their stuff without folding in half.

6. Mirrors and Lighting:
Make sure lighting is good, especially for putting on makeup. Mirrors are also a must. If you only have one, opt for something full length so they can preview their outfits head to toe. That way you won’t have to tell a guest if their fly’s undone.

7. Snacks and Entertainment:
From personal experience, the most underutilized of the guest room essentials are some snacks. Use your knowledge of your guests’ tastes and assemble their own personal mini-bar of snacks. If you have a mini-fridge, fill it with water and maybe some orange juice. Thoughtful entertainment options also help a guest room feel like home. Stock up on current magazines and a few popular paperbacks. You don’t have to include a television, but if you do, make sure the remote control works.

8. Toiletries:
Grab some travel-sized shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, mouthwash, and deodorant for your guests, and put it all in a basket with some hand towels. The ultimate goal of these guest room essentials are you want to make them feel welcome and just a little intimidated by your hospitality. And sneezes happen fast. So, whether you store them in a decorative container or something less fancy, the most universally needed toiletry—tissues—should be easily accessible in any guest room. 

There you have it. Don’t blame us if your guests never want to leave.

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