How Self Storage Helps During a Move

Moving is a time-honored—but not always beloved—tradition that the average American takes part in 11.4 times in his or her lifetime. Hopefully, somewhere between that first move and that 11.4th move, you’re able to learn a few ways to make the process easier. Self-storage is one of those ways.

Storage units are more available than ever. If you’ve never rented one, doing so during a move can be a total game-changer. Just like hiring Bellhops, renting a storage unit takes the pressure off of you. Here’s how:

Self Storage for When Leases Don’t Line Up

You’ve just found the perfect apartment in your dream city. It gets tons of natural light and is located walking distance from a slew of trendy restaurants. There’s only one problem: your lease doesn’t start for a month and you’ve got to be out of your current place tomorrow.

Instead of begging your friend to let you move everything you own into his living room, move your items into a storage unit. You can hang onto the essentials in between leases and move everything to your new place when the time is right

Self Storage for Downsizing

Let’s face it; a three-bedroom home in one city might cost the same as a studio apartment in another. Sometimes moving means moving out of your price range. If you’re downsizing, you might not have enough space in your new home for all of your belongings. That doesn’t mean you should be forced to get rid of that one-of-a-kind vintage couch.

Keep the items that don’t fit in your new place in a storage unit instead. Once you’ve identified which items you don’t have space for in your new home, use this size guide to determine what size storage unit you’ll need.

Self Storage for Renovations

Did you buy a new home that needs a little TLC? Whether you’re repainting the bedroom or replacing all of the hardwood floorings, you need space to renovate. Keeping your items in self-storage will allow you to treat your new place like the blank canvas it is.

Fortunately, the default self-storage lease is month-to-month, so if your big home improvement project takes a little longer than expected, your furniture will still be right where you left it: in your storage unit.

Self Storage for Temporary Move

Few moves are permanent ones, but some moves are especially temporary. Maybe you’re a student moving out of state for the semester. Maybe you’re a military member relocating to a new base for several months. Whatever the case may be, you probably don’t want to take all of your stuff with you.

Use movers to transport your most important belongings and leave the rest of your items in a storage unit. You’ll be able to pay your rent online, so even if you and your storage unit are a few hundred miles apart, you’ll be covered.

Self Storage for Items That Don’t Fit

You love that funky, super-long couch and your 70-inch flat screen TV. Unfortunately, they don’t quite fit in your new home. Rather than resigning yourself to selling these items for way less than what you paid, keep them in self-storage. This will save you from having to repurchase these things down the road.

When determining which items to move, store or get rid of, ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Will I end up repurchasing this?
  2. Is this item irreplaceable?
  3. Will this fit into my life again at some point?

If you answered yes, this is something you should either move or store. If you need it right away, move it. If you can wait a month or longer, store it. You’ll be surprised by how easier moving can be when you rent a storage unit. And whether you end up moving two times or ten times, that’s a lesson worth learning early.

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