Opening your linen closet can be stressful. You’re greeted by a chaos of sheets, blankets, and sleeping bags when all you want is one clean beach towel. So, here’s how to organize your linen closet for good:

1. Purge, Purge, Purge:
It’s easiest to do when you’re moving to a new place, but the best way to find the things you need with ease is to get rid of everything you don’t. It may sound scary, but you might’ve outgrown those old bedsheets. Maybe it’s time to get something with a higher thread count and fewer holes.

How to organize your linen closet - pile of blankets

2. Dining & Antique Linens:
When storing your finest dining and antique linens, remember to store them on non-wire hangers to avoid rust stains. Better yet, fold them on a shelf lined with acid free tissue paper to keep them fresh.

3. Sheets:
Learning how to organize your linen closet is easy with sheets. Store sheets neatly in the matching pillowcase to avoid losing or mismatching pieces of a set. You can even organize them by the room or bed they belong to.

4. Towels:
To save space, fold your towels into thirds lengthwise, and then into a rectangle. Place them at eye level or below (so you can access them easier), with the edges facing the back for a neater appearance. To save even more space, try rolling them.

5. Shelves:
Learning how to organize your linen closet means investing in more shelves. To really up your linen closet game, spring for adjustable shelving. This transforms your closet into a flexible storage space. Use the harder-to-reach shelves to store more seasonal items. That way, you don’t have to reach around all the other stuff to get to what you really need really quick.

Good luck and happy folding.

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