Looking for things to do in Indianapolis with kids? Well, you don’t have to look too far. This city is perfect for kids, with tons of parks, restaurants, and amusements. Here is a list of fun things to do in Indianapolis with kids:

1. The Canal:
Looking for a nice relaxing place to have a picnic, feed the ducks, ride a bike, or take a nice walk between classes? The beautiful Canal Walk Indy is the perfect place for all those things. Home to many local events such as concerts, the IUPUI Regatta, and more, the canal is always a perfect mix of relaxing and entertaining.

things to do in Indianapolis with kids - Bluebeard Cafe

2. Bluebeard:
Bluebeard exceeds most restaurants in uniqueness and variety. With an ever-changing menu inspired by the freshest and finest ingredients, expect a surprise every time you go—you won’t be disappointed. Bluebeard takes their ingredients from local farmers and traders to create some of the best cuisines in the area.

3. Indianapolis Cultural Trail:
Take a tour on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail for the opportunity to experience six different cultures on foot or bike. The trail showcases multiple pieces of art and winds through some of the most popular destinations in downtown Indianapolis. This is a great outdoor activity to do with kids in Indianapolis.

4. Stacked Pickle:
The Stacked Pickle is one of the most premier destinations in downtown Indianapolis for chicken wings and entertainment. If you are looking to catch the game, or just looking to have an enjoyable night with good food, the Stacked Pickle is conveniently located at 910 W 10th Street. They also have an amazing kids menu, so you can bring them along too if you’re interested in things to do in Indianapolis with kids.

things to do in Indianapolis with kids - Indiana State Police Museum
Indiana State Police Museum

5. Indiana State Police Museum:
From John Dillinger memorabilia to modern day squad cars, the Indiana State Police Museum is an interactive museum that is fun for all ages! Showcasing gear from some of Indiana’s most notorious criminals and crimefighters alike, this is a place you don’t want to pass up. The museum is open Monday through Friday 9am-3pm.

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