On June 4, our Bellhops crew paid a special visit to the Boggess’ home to film a retrospective of their recent move. This Chattanooga family of four tested out our new Bins & Liners packing system—a green alternative to cardboard boxes. We set out to capture their story in a 60-second video —reenacting move day with commentary of their takeaways and opinions.

bins and liners video poster

We had a blast working with their daughters, Piper and Harlowe, as they made their small screen debut. They were fans of the IKEA bags long before this pilot, but agreed this was an easy way for them to pack and unpack their own rooms.

“…it was a very easy process. I was impressed by how fast, but thorough, they were. Overall, I felt that the system was amazing. It was very convenient. It was easy. It was a time-saver, for sure.”

Beginning in Atlanta this week, the Bellhops Bins & Liners pilot will extend to a second city. The pilot allows qualifying customers who book local moves online the option to move using IKEA’s iconic FRAKTA bags instead of cardboard boxes. The process is simple.

Willing customers moving in Chattanooga have volunteered to test this proof of concept over the last six months. As we prepare to announce the Atlanta pilot launch, we needed a way to explain how this new packing alternative works while convincing people to try it. So, since moving is a major life event, we couldn’t think of a more honest or compelling approach than having an actual customer share their experience first-hand. We fell in love with this family of four—mom, dad, and two young daughters—and wanted to capture a genuine testimony of their experience. No actors, no scripts just really people talking about a real experience.

How to unbox move day:

  1. Purchase liners at IKEA or on amazon.com
  2. Pack items
  3. Bins arrive in the truck
  4. Bellhops transfer the packed liners into and out of the bins

This system saves time by not having to assemble, tape and breakdown boxes. The liners average $20 less than the cost of cardboard boxes, and, since they can be reused or recycled, they’re less wasteful. The uniform, sturdy, and nested bins make loading the truck faster too.

packing bedding for move

Thank you, Boggess family, for your participation and feedback!! You guys rock!

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