Bellhops Announces Moving Services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Portland

Bellhops, a startup providing a better way to move, announced today they are offering their moving services in PortlandMinneapolis, and St. Paul. The company announced that it is looking to add 200 people to its community of movers and drivers as it expands its services in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest.

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The company was founded in 2011 with the goal of creating an experience that is more efficient, affordable, and reliable than traditional moving companies, which it achieves through both careful recruiting and sophisticated technology such as its worker-facing app and estimation programs.

“The moving industry is broken, and we are laser-focused on fixing it with two things: technology and high-quality people,” said Bellhops’ CEO, Luke Marklin. “By coordinating friendly teams of workers with our technology, we’ve designed an experience that makes moving less stressful, more straightforward, and more on-demand than ever before.”

The company allows users to get an instant estimate for a tailor-made move simply by entering their preferred time frame and a few details such as the location and size of their home.

“We’ve completed more than a hundred thousand moves across the nation,” said Marklin. “And we’ve used that experience to build an algorithm that can predict exactly how long a move will take and then coordinate the right team to get the job done.”

Once a move is scheduled and a team is assembled, the customer is sent an e-mail introduction, which includes pictures and star ratings of each mover so that they’re greeted by familiar faces on the day of their move. The Lead mover of each team will also reach out to the customer so that they have a designated point of contact throughout the experience.

In addition to seamlessly pairing customers with the most-qualified movers and drivers in their area, the company’s app also tracks each mover’s performance to ensure that only the highest-scoring workers are matched to jobs.

“We collect more than 30 pieces of data from each move—including customer and peer reviews—which creates a scorecard we can evaluate,” says Marklin. “One of the industry’s key problems was its complete lack of hospitality. We understand that moving is a personal experience—customers are inviting us into their homes—and for that reason, they deserve to work with people who understand and respect that.”

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