Library Organization Tips

Maybe you don’t have hours to read every day, but you’ve got to admit books look good on a shelf. They’re also great conversation starters (even if the conversation is short and ends with the words: I, don’t, and read). Moving is the perfect time to reorganize, so whether you’ve got a dozen leftover from college or a thousand weighing down your boxes, here are some library organization tips to take your book game to the next level.

Stacked books from the Bellhops article "Library Organization Tips To Take Your Book Game To The Next Level"

Step 1: Make One Big Stack
Even if you plan to have your books in three different places around your home, go ahead and gather them all up. It might make a mess now, but it’ll make for a more thorough, lasting job in the long run.

Step 2: Purge That Stack
There are lots of ways to decide what books to keep. Did you like it? Will you ever read it again? Will you loan it to friends? Do you love it enough to keep it as a souvenir and conversation piece? Basically, does it bring you joy? If the answer to all that is no, add it to the donate stack.

Step 3: Choose A System
Some prefer to alphabetize by author first, and then by title. Some prefer to divide by genre, then author, and then title. Some just sort by size, others by color. Whatever system you prefer, choose one and stick to it. It’ll keep your collection looking neat and easy to sort through.

Step 4: Get Decorative
Once you’ve got your shelves organized, liven them up a little. Choose a few books that you particularly love or that just have awesome covers and turn them face out, perpendicular to their spine-out neighbors. It’ll add splashes of color and draw the eye.An open book from the Bellhops article "Library Organization Tips To Take Your Book Game To The Next Level"

Step 5: Think Of Your Guests
Reading material is vital to any awesome guest room. Consider choosing a few good volumes and shelve them in there.

*Bonus library organization tips: Actually read the books and then share some with friends. 

Happy organizing, and if you need a few extra hands, book yourself some Bellhops.

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