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The inside of the Tabernacle, one of the best music venues in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Live Music Venues: 4 That You Cannot Miss

4 of The Best Live Music Venues in Atlanta

We've covered some amazing Atlanta food and events, but we have yet to dive into Atlanta's incredible live music scene. The city is known for having some of the best live music in the southeast (make room, Nashville), and if you're new to the city, here are some of the best live music venues in Atlanta you've got to check out.

We can all agree that a city without live music isn't really much of a city. The live music a city hosts often mirrors its innate culture and its people. If you're in Memphis you expect to hear blues, while if you're in Nashville you expect to hear country. Atlanta is slightly different in that regard, as it's more of an international and modern city. But it's also one that pairs well with a pronounced southern culture. This enables it to host to not only country music stars, jazz acts, and the blues, but also newer contemporary genres like pop, rap, and electronica.

And where should you take in this musical smorgasbord? Here are 4 of the best live music venues in Atlanta:


  • Terminal West:

Terminal West is fairly new on the music scene, but it has become quickly regarded as one of the best live music venues in Atlanta. It opened in 2012 at the King Plow Arts Center and it includes a restaurant and bar onsite. Terminal West is built out of an old iron smelting room and still hosts the old turn of the century aesthetics, large metal support beams along the ceiling and red brick walls. As Atlanta continues to grow into a leading musical behemoth of the South, the Terminal West has been able to bring some amazing artists to the city across multiple genres. They've hosted The Killers, Sturgill Simpson, and Two Chainz among many others.


  • The Tabernacle:

The Tabernacle is one of the most well-known music venues in Atlanta. It's located downtown and would be considered a mid-sized venue, seating roughly 2,600 people. The venue has brought in some amazing acts, from Guns N' Roses to Adele. The Building originated as a Baptist Church in 1910 (hence "tabernacle") and operated as such until the 1990s when it was converted to a House of Blues in anticipation of the 1996 Olympic Games. Since then it's maintained its live music designation, hosting weekly music and comedy shows.


  • Kats Cafe:

Kats Cafe is a smaller venue in Midtown known for its karaoke, live music, and open mic nights. They also have an assortment of interesting martinis to choose from and a laid back, but not totally informal, atmosphere. The venue has been operating since 2007 and brings tons of local musicians and comedians to the stage. The music ranges from R&B to jazz, and soft lounge and whatever the local talent wants to play on an open mic night.


  • Fox Theatre:

We've saved the biggest name for last with the Fox Theatre. It's a centerpiece of Midtown's Fox Historic District in Atlanta and can handle a full house of 4,665 people. It regularly hosts the Atlanta Ballet and traveling Broadway shows in addition to major headline music acts. The Fox Theatre also has the second largest theater organ in the country called the "Mighty Mo'." The Fox will be remembered for hosting the final show of Prince in April of 2016, but will continue to host hundreds of more performers including Norah Jones, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock in 2017 and beyond.

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