As the great John Lennon never said (that we know of), good friends are like matching socks—once you find them you should try hard not to lose them. But if you’re determined to get rid of a friend, moving is a great opportunity.

Here’s how to get it done in 3 easy steps:

  • Announce that you’re moving.
  • Ask your friend to help.
  • Tell them you are not joking and then actually make them carry your furniture.

That’s it. Friendship lost. They might hang around your life for a while, but that matched-sock magic will be gone, and you’ll both feel it heel to toe. Now, if you’re moving but would rather keep your friends, you’ll need to find other help.

We know traditional moving companies don’t make sense for most people, which is why, every year, over 35 million Americans call on friends when they move. And that’s a real problem. So, don’t do it. 


That’s why Bellhops provides local, trustworthy movers who handle the heavy lifting. Your friends don’t want to carry your couch, but we do. Book Bellhops and allow us.

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