Bellhop Spotlight: Meet Rocky Branagan

Moving is a personal experience. You’re not just moving your belongings. You’re entering a period of transition and often reflecting on what was and what will be. So it’s important that you know and trust the people who are assisting you in this process. This is why we’ve started our “More than Movers” series. (Oh, and just a heads-up: We call our movers “bellhops.”)

Next in our series, we spoke with 24-year-old Rocky Branagan, a mover in Austin who’s been a bellhop for 4 years and completed more than eight hundred moves.

Bellhops: Hey, Rocky. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. To begin, where are you from originally?

Rocky: I currently live in Austin, but I’m originally from Houston. My parents emigrated from Ireland before that.

Bellhops: How many times in your life have you moved?

Rocky: I’ve moved four times.

Bellhops: What do you like to do when you’re not completing moves?

Rocky: I like spending time outdoors—kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, going to Barton Springs—and letting my dog, Ellie, tag along.

Bellhops: If you could move one celebrity, who would it be?

Rocky: If I had to choose just one, it would be Craig Biggio. He was my idol growing up. Or Anna Kendrick, because I have a crush on her.

Bellhops: So what are you studying in school? And why did you choose that subject?

Rocky: I’ve graduated, but I studied sociology at Texas Tech University. I chose it because I like interpreting the way people communicate. I also like people and people-watching.

Bellhops: What’s a skill, totally unrelated to moving, you would master if you had infinite time to work on it?

Rocky: Darts. If I had infinite time to practice, I would be the best dart player in the world.

Bellhops: What do you like about working as a mover on the app?

Rocky: I like it for the flexibility, but at this point I work as much as I can. I also like walking into someone’s life at a stressful point and reassuring them that everything is going to go smoothly.

Bellhops: What move are you the most proud of accomplishing?

Rocky: I’m proud of a lot of moves. I’ve worked more than eight hundred. When the customer is happy, I’m proud. It’s hard to narrow it down to one.

Bellhops: That’s impressive. What’s your go-to trick for making a move go well?

Rocky: My go-to trick is contacting the customer before the move—to give them the peace of mind that we will be there. Also, talking to them the during the move: asking questions, just straight communication the whole time.

Bellhops: What’s the best advice you can give to a customer preparing to move?

Rocky: It would be to have everything prepared if you want it to go smoothly and efficiently. I know packing and boxing stuff takes a lot of time, but it’s more efficient if it’s ready to go when we show up.

Bellhops: Is there a particularly memorable Bellhops moving story that you can share regarding a customer?

Rocky: Like I said earlier, I’ve moved more than eight hundred customers. I’ve had very memorable moments. Something that stands out is a young couple I moved four times. When I first met them, the girl was not pregnant. Next time I moved them, she was pregnant. Next time I moved them, she had a baby. After that, the baby was walking around. It was shocking to see. They said I’ve seen the baby more than a lot of family, and that felt pretty cool.

Bellhops: That’s really special. It’s like you’re practically part of their family. It’s been a pleasure, Rocky. Thank you.

Rocky: Thanks. Bye!

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