So, the time has come and you’re moving away from home. If you’re in a Bellhops city, hopefully you’ll let us help!

While moving back home after you graduated from college might have been a frustrating experience, take solace in the fact that you aren’t the only one who’s ever made such a move. In fact, more young people are moving back in with their parents these days than at any time in the last century.

But just as scores of people are moving back in with their parents, many, like you, are getting ready to move back out. Your time at home was a great opportunity to de-stress, press the reset button, save some money, and prepare to start a career. Now, as you get ready to move on to the next exciting phase of your life, you’ll also be getting ready to move into a new place of your own. It’s time to check moving away from home off your list.

Last time, we shared some moving and packing tips for moving back in with your parents. This week, we’ve put together some moving and packing tips to help you move back out on your own:

  • Living with your parents gave you valuable time to pay down your school debt, save some money, and greatly reduce or eliminate your expenses. While you’ll now be earning a steady paycheck, you’ll also be responsible for a steady stream of bills. Before you make the big leap and move away from home, make a budget. If you learn how to live according to your budget now, it’ll be easier to stick to it when you’re living on your own.
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  • While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to go all out decorating your new place, your first step should be to accumulate all of the stuff you’re going to need to move in. Start with essential kitchen and bathroom items, furnishings, and anything else that you’ll need to make your new place functional. Then, when you have more time and (more importantly) money, focus on making it look great.
  • Moving into a new place doesn’t mean you have to buy all new items. You can save a lot of money if you’re resourceful. Ask friends and family if they have any furniture, dishes, or other items that they’re not using. You’ve probably shopped at thrift stores or consignment shops for vintage clothing. Shop there for other items, too. We always encourage people to donate old belongings—because folks like you can use that stuff now! Kitchenware, especially, is often inexpensive at secondhand stores, and you might be just be surprised at the fun and funky bargains you find.
  • Street View from the Bellhops article "Moving Away From Home"When looking for places to live, don’t limit your research to simply the apartment or the house you’re considering. When moving away from home, take the time to research the neighborhood, as well. Make sure it will be a safe place to live, as well as a convenient one. Consider how many grocery stores, parks, schools, and other needed places there are in the area, as well as the quality and length of your commute to and from work.
  • No matter how much you love a place, try to remain calm. Remember that most rent prices are negotiable—even for places that are over your budget. Before you commit to anything, negotiate. If you can’t get a few bucks shaved off the rent, ask if the owner or landlord can cover any of the utilities. It doesn’t hurt to ask. The owner or landlord typically isn’t going to offer you a discount out of the blue, and if he or she is, you might not want to live there, anyway.

Moving away from home is an exciting and new adventure. Once you’ve spread those wings, you will experience so much fun in life! Enjoy this new transition and always know it’s 100% okay, encouraged even, to go back and visit your family/friends.

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