Are are you moving back home after college? If so, first things first: check to see if Bellhops is in your location to help. And second, know that #YouAreNotAlone:

More than ever before, today’s complex job market requires you to complete at least some college or, more likely, a college degree if you want to build a successful career. This increased demand for a college education, coupled with the rising cost of college, has left Americans saddled with an unprecedented amount of student loan debt.

These additional years of required education, as well as their corresponding big-ticket debt, has greatly contributed to millions of young people feeling like they have to delay plans for their lives. For example, the median ages for men and women to get married today are 29 and almost 27, respectively. In 1970, those ages were 23 and 21.

In fact, young people are now more likely to live with their parents than with a spouse. The number of people age 18 to 34, who own a home, has fallen to a 30-year low. More young people are actually moving back in with their parents than at any time in the last century.

But enough with the not-so-fun statistics!

We believe that regardless of your circumstances, any move is a move forward in life. While you might have never imagined that you would move back in with your family after graduation, there are some definite benefits to doing so, and we’ve provided some tips to make moving back both painless and productive:

Moving Back Home Consolidate

1. Consolidate

Remember that funky chair you found on the sidewalk during your freshman year? Leave it on the sidewalk for another incoming student to discover, or donate it along with any pieces of furniture you collected while on campus. Then, store whatever else you decide to take with you.

You’ll be able to find moving services (like Bellhops!) to help you move anything you can’t handle yourself, and you’ll be able to get by with a small, affordable storage unit—if your parents don’t let you use the attic, basement, or garage, that is.

2. Save Money

So, what’s the most obvious benefit to moving back home with your parents when you finish school? Money. You’ll probably get free power, water, trash pickup, parking, cable, and Internet. Nice! Even if you pay some type of rent and contribute to household expenses—which you should, at the very least, offer to do—reducing or eliminating these expenses could easily amount to around thousands of dollars a year in savings.

Moving Back Home Make a Game Plan

3. Make a Game Plan

  • As soon you get unpacked at your parents’ house, your first step should be to decide what your next step will be. When it’s time to move out for good, will you be moving to a new city? Will you be starting a new career? Write down your goals and start working toward them, pronto.
  • Resist the temptation to buy things you don’t need. Pay down your student loans, and start an emergency fund equal to six months’ worth of expenses if you were living on your own.
  • Have an exit strategy. Having a plan will ensure that you will, indeed, move out. Plus, the money that you’re saving can be put towards an apartment or down payment on a house.

Moving back home can be scary, we know. But just think of it as a break from stress and the perfect time to balance yourself. This gives you time to revamp that resume, have interviews, catch up with a few friends and take the reins of life before flying the coop once more.

Thanks for reading!

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