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In order to help you have a smooth transition from your old place to your new one, we’ve put together a handy moving checklist for moving day. It’s broken up into four sections, starting 1 to 2 months before, then a couple weeks before, the day before, and then the day of. The sooner you start working down this moving to do list, the better:s

Moving Checklist - Start gathering supplies1-2 months before moving day

At this point, you have either found your new home or apartment or at least have started looking. You have a moving day in mind so you can start hiring movers and decluttering around the house. This is the perfect time to try and get rid of as many things as possible to make your moving day easier.

Create a moving folder

  • Keep all of your important documents (receipts, budget, new lease, ect.) in one place so they don’t get lost during the transition.

Hire movers and plan transportation

  • Moving companies book quickly. Make arrangements as soon as your move date is set. If you’ll be renting a truck, book sooner than later to avoid the rush.

Start collecting moving supplies

  • Save cash by checking for free boxes at liquor stores, grocery stores, and restaurants. You’ll need sturdy tape, permanent markers, and old newspapers or bubble wrap.

De-clutter non-living areas

  • As you de-clutter, only throw away the truly useless stuff. Host a garage sale, sell on Craigslist, or, better yet, make donations to local charities.

Schedule your address change

  • Change your official mailing address with USPS. Notify anyone who sends you mail: insurance companies, magazines, credit card companies, etc.

Start measuring

  • Note the dimensions of your new home to see what furniture will fit where. You might discover a few pieces just won’t fit or have a place.

Start packing

  • Choose a corner and start packing items you won’t use before your move.

Moving Checklist: Start packing for real.1-2 weeks before the move

You’ve signed a lease at your new apartment or bought your new home. Now it’s game time. Start packing your things, starting with off-season clothes, unused books, and movies, and ultimately pack everything you don’t use every day. It’s also the perfect opportunity to notify your utility companies and subscription services of the move, ask off work, and find a sitter for your pets and children. We’ve also put together some great moving hacks and tips to help while you pack.

Stockpile supplies

  • Designate a place for moving day supplies: cleaning gear, bottled water, snacks.

Pack for real

  • The time for thoughtful de-cluttering is gone. Put your life in cardboard.

Label and catalog your boxes

  • Give each box a number and detail the contents of that box. This will make your move more efficient when you arrive at your new place.

Notify your utility companies

  • Set up disconnect / reconnect dates with your phone, water, cable, internet, gas and electricity providers. Pay any deposits for new services in advance. Updater is a great service that does all of this for you.

Transfer services

  • Transfer subscriptions, home security, pest control, house cleaning, lawn care

Keep your kids, pets, and work in mind

Clear and clean

  • Clean rooms as they become empty to avoid cleaning everything at once.

Moving Checklist: Make sure your moving day is planned out.Day before the move

Your house is packed up and you’re living out of suitcases. You’re prepared for the move, so the last thing is to finalize the moving day details, making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. This is also the perfect opportunity to say one last goodbye to your neighbors.

Clean your refrigerator and freezer

  • Empty fridge and freezer. Defrost and then wipe everything dry. Keep a towel underneath to catch drippage. Keep doors open overnight.

Finalize details

  • Confirm plans, reservations, and bookings for the next day. Check the weather.

Say goodbye to your neighbors

Get a good night’s sleep

Moving Checklist: have fun moving!Day of the move

The day has finally come for you to move. You’re not stressed at all because you’ve prepared meticulously for it. Stick to your playbook and keep this moving checklist close and it should go off without a hitch. Good luck and have fun moving!

Stay hydrated

Stay organized

Lift with your legs

  • Unless you booked your move with Bellhops. Then don’t lift at all.

Click And Download Our Free Printable Moving Checklist!

moving checklist
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