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Moving Hacks: 15 Tips And Tricks To Make Moving Day Easier

We’ve been through tens of thousands of moves across the nation. Through that experience, we’ve learned some moving hacks and packing tips and tricks that make moving day a ton easier.

The moving hacks have been broken into two sections, Pre-move day hacks, during move day hacks. Enjoy, and happy moving!


Pre-Move Day Moving Hacks:

Our friend Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” We’re not saying by not preparing for moving day, you’re preparing to fail your move. We are saying a little preparation before the move day goes a long way during the move. Here are 15 moving hacks and tips that will make your moving day a success and make Benjamin Franklin and us happy.


1. Free Boxes Are Everywhere:

Pick up some free boxes at your local grocery store, clothing stores, and Craigslist’s free section. Every Liquor store has hundreds of boxes that they almost beg to get rid of. You might not find all the sizes you need, but you will definitely save a ton of money.

a living room full of boxes
Free boxes are everywhere.


2. Use Soft Items (Blankets/Towels) For Padding To Protect Other Items (Mirrors/Dishes) In Transit:

Take the pillows off of your bed, the cushions off of the mattress, and any spare blanket you can find to use while padding down your furniture. Moving blankets are expensive and chances are your closet is full of old ones you can use.

Use old towels and blankets to pad your stuff as you box them.
Use old towels and blankets to pad your stuff as you box them.


3. Pack One Box With All Your Essentials For The First Night In Your New Home:

After getting to your new place and moving all of your stuff in, you probably won’t feel like digging through a bunch of boxes to find your phone charger. Put everything you’ll need for the first night in one box or bag. This way you won’t have to search for your toothpaste, phone charger, and the nightlight you totally don’t need anymore.

Keep all your essentials in a close to reach 1st night box.
Keep all your essentials in a close to reach 1st night box.



4. Wrap Your Clothes On Their Hangers In Garbage Bags:

The garbage bags keep the clothes clean and organized during the entire move. When you get to your new place, just unwrap and hang. This is also a great moving tip for moving in a hurry.

Use garbage bags to wrap your clothes to keep them organized and clean during the move.
Use garbage bags to wrap your clothes to keep them organized and clean during the move.


5. Use Egg Cartons To Keep Jewelry Safe And Secure:

The egg cartons also allow everything to be organized and protected. Opening up an egg carton after a move where all of your jewelry isn’t in a jumbled mess is one of our life’s quaint pleasures.

Use an egg carton to keep your jewelry safe and organized during the move.
Use an egg carton to keep your jewelry safe and organized during the move.


6. Use Paper Plates To Protect Glass Plates:

Hearing that *ccrraack in the back of the truck is never fun. Make sure your plates are protected by separating them by paper plates and following up by wrapping them in some paper.

Use paper plates to protect glass and ceramic ones.
Use paper plates to protect glass and ceramic ones.


7. Keep A Camera Handy And Photograph Your Electronics:

No matter how carefully you pack your electronics, the chords come out of the box in double fisherman’s knots. Every time. So, take pictures of your gear before unplugging it all. That way you’ll have a visual guide later on.

taking pictures of electronics to remember setting them all back up
Take pictures of your electronics to remember how to set them all up.

8. Talk to Your Roomies, Organize A Joint Moving Day:

If you’re splitting rent with someone, ask them about sharing large items. That way, you won’t end up with two microwaves, four couches, and zero vacuum cleaners. You can also both share a moving truck or split the cost of a couple Bellhops. A little coordination can go a long way, and possibly even make you the hero of the day. Heroes deserve to relax, so…


9. Wrap Your Drawers Like Leftovers:

One of the best packing tips for moving clothes would be to grab some plastic wrap and wrap each drawer of your chest of drawers individually with the clothes still in them. This leaves the dresser light and easy to move, while the drawers will be safe and sound. This is one of our favorite moving hacks because leaving the clothes in the drawers stops you from using more boxes as well. 

Wrap your drawers with saran wrap to help save boxes and time.
Wrap your drawers with saran wrap to help save boxes and time.


10. Label Your Boxes And Color Code Each Room:

Just do it. Speaking of that pile of boxes, label those bad boys so you know which goes where and why. It’ll feel nerdy while you pack, but you’ll be a complete genius while you unpack. For example, label all your kitchen boxes green and all of your living room boxes blue. Then it will super easy for you or your movers to unload the truck and bring the boxes to their respective new rooms. This makes unpacking a breeze too.

Label and color code your boxes.
Label and color code your boxes.

11. Develop A Numbered Weight System:

It’s also great to create a numbered “weight system.” Let’s say the heaviest boxes are labeled “1” and the lightest most fragile boxes are labeled “5.” Then everything in the middle gets labeled accordingly. When you’re packing your truck or cube, you can quickly know which boxes should be on the bottom (heaviest or “1”) of the truck and which boxes should be stacked on top of them (lighter boxes or “2”, ect). This makes unpacking a breeze.

Use a numbered weight system.
Use a numbered weight system.

Moving-Day Moving Hacks:

This is when the tire meets asphalt, literally. Have you planned everything correctly? Is everything boxed up safely? Do you have the keys to the new place? Are your friends or movers coming?

Hopefully, it’s all taken care of and moving day goes off without a hitch. Here are some moving hacks to help you get through moving day quickly.

12. Use a Moving Checklist:

The age old concept of making a list and checking it off. When your mind is going 63 different directing on moving day, it helps when there’s an unchanging piece of paper you can use to make sure everything is in its place.

moving checklist
Use a moving checklist


13. Check the Weather:

Nothing is worse than moving during a rainy, snowy, sleeting day. There never seems to be a dry area to store stuff in-between the houses and it takes true balance to move stuff up wooden stairs when your tennis shoes are slipping left and right. Try and find dry times during the day to move and use our rainy day moving hacks to make your day better.


14. Keep a box of cleaning supplies handy:

It’s a good idea to have a box of general cleaning supplies (broom, mop, clorox disinfectant wipes, ect) close at hand for when you’re leaving, but also for your new house. You can trust that the previous tenants cleaned everything up well, but whats going over it again going to hurt?

Keep a box of cleaning supplies handy.
Keep a box of cleaning supplies handy.


15. Stay Hydrated

Moving, lifting, and hauling all your stuff across town is an extremely arduous task. Unless you booked movers or have unusually nice friends, you’re doing most of the lifting. Make your gym teacher proud and keep drinking water because health is wealth and stuff.

a man drinking water to stay hydrated.
Stay Hydrated.

After Your Move:

Make sure you have a good relationship with your landlord:

If you’re renting, you’re going to have a landlord. Landlord normally has a negative connotation to it, but the relationship doesn’t have to be bad. Be a good tenant by paying your rent on time, honoring your lease, and requesting repairs immediately, and you and your landlord will get along like two peas in a pod.


Get involved with your new community:

While moving into a new place in a new community can be exciting, getting connected can be a bit of challenge. Your new home might be amazing and you might love your new job or school, but not having family around can be tough, and finding new friends and activities can be even tougher. Choose to explore your new neighborhood, get involved online, and volunteer locally to start meeting your new neighbors.


Learn the best way on how to arrange your bedroom furniture:

Bedroom furniture is probably the toughest room to get right. Inherently, the furniture in your bedroom is larger than any other furniture in any other room. Start by measuring out what you need and before you move everything in, stage possible arrangements with tape. A good unpacking hack  is to try and organize your bedroom furniture first before you start unpacking, so you know exactly where everything should go.


Create an Indoor Garden:

Give your new place that extra aesthetic kick, with an indoor garden. It not only gives your new place a more homey look, but there are health benefits to gardening as well. This should help you find motivation to unpack after a move.


Make sure your home is safe:

Your new home is finished, everything is unpacked, and you’re starting to relax. To give yourself that next level of ease, make sure it’s up to your safety standards as well. Make sure all the external doors have type two door locks on them, all your windows are secure, and there are enough external lights to keep away morally questionable individuals.

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