Need Moving Help? Here Are 5 Ways To Know If Bellhops Is Right For You

Are you preparing for a small-scale residential move? Do you have everything figured out except choosing your moving help? Look no further. Bellhops has what you’re looking for and we’d love to help you with this new and exciting life transition. We understand that there are key qualities you’re looking for in a moving company, so if you’re in a Bellhops location here are 5 ways to know if Bellhops is the moving help for you:

1. You’re working on a tight timeframe

Patience is a virtue, but you don’t have to sit and twiddle your thumbs when booking Bellhops. With Bellhops’ online instant booking feature, you don’t have to wait on a slow-turn moving quote. On the Bellhops website, you can plug in all of your information and receive a quote right on the spot. Check it out for yourself and see what you think!

Two Bellhops in action from the Bellhops article "Need Moving Help? Here are 5 Ways to Know Bellhops is Right for You"

2. You prefer clean-cut, energetic, and optimistic movers

We all know how important it is to feel comfortable with the people moving your belongings. Bellhops handles your things with care. Bellhops movers are energetic, pleasant, and hard-working individuals whose priority is to keep you happy. These movers have the magic touch to get your stuff from Point A to Point B.

3. You don’t enjoy destroying your wallet

Neither do we. Moving help can get pretty expensive and that’s one extra load that shouldn’t be on your shoulders. Bellhops pricing is well below industry averages (check out that instant quote tool!). Moving will never be the same once you see the price for your move. Bellhops wants your move to be as smooth as possible, so why not start with the price?

4. You live in a bungalow, condominium, or apartment

So, you live in an apartment, condo, or bungalow and you’re looking to move. Most moving companies prefer to work larger sized jobs, but Bellhops specializes in small-to-medium sized moves. We offer help for the small moves that make for big life moments.

Bellhops and customer from the Bellhops article "Need Moving Help? Here are 5 Ways to Know Bellhops is Right for You"

5. You want highly rated movers

When all of your precious belongings are being moved, you want to make sure the people moving them are credible. You need movers with great consumer ratings. Bellhops has a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Google and 5 star ratings on Yelp. If you want to book a moving company with customer comments such as, “I can’t recommend them highly enough!“, “They exceeded my expectations!” and “THIS IS THE BEST MOVING COMPANY EVER!!“, then Bellhops is definitely for you.

Bellhops are handpicked, hardworking movers who make moving affordable for everyone. Book Bellhops online in minutes and save half the cost compared to hiring a traditional moving company.

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