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Moving In Together, Part 3: A Master Bathroom For Two

Moving in together with your significant other is a big and exciting step, but as we’ve discussed in the previous installments of this series, the actual moving in part can be less than exciting if you don’t do a little planning beforehand.

The first step in the moving in together process is to see if you live in a Bellhops location. Once that’s taken care of, what about all your things?

You both have stuff, and before you can celebrate your new life together, you need to figure out how you’re going to combine it all in your new space. So far, we’ve tackled combining the kitchen and the living room. Now, let’s move on to the bathroom.

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to blending a bathroom. The good news is that your combined bathroom items will likely add up to the least (and lightest) amount of stuff that you’ll be moving into any room. The bad news? Your bathroom is also likely your smallest room. Here are some tips for making the most of it when moving in together:

1. Time to Toss
Now is a great time to get rid of stuff. Throw away any/all expired or unused toiletries, and toss all of your worn-out towels, bathmats, and washcloths. (Note: You might want to save a few to use as cleaning rags.) Also, now would be a great time to buy a new shower curtain—or at least a new shower curtain liner.

2. Checklist
Once you’ve gotten rid of the stuff that you don’t need, create a checklist for your move. After you’ve moved in, there may be a few bathroom items that you still need. Whether it be running to the grocery store for curtains or a toilet brush, you’ll end up needing something. It’s better to know what your cost estimate will be before you actually move.

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3. Storage
After you’ve gone shopping, get rid of any bulky packaging and combine small and loose items and products in jars, bags, and baskets. Consider a small, three-drawer storage unit or in-drawer storage tray for cotton balls, Q-Tips, and other items. Also, it should go without saying, but the bathroom isn’t the best place to store the entire 42-pack of toilet paper you just bought. Take out a few rolls, and put the rest in the garage, basement, or a closet.

4. Clear Up the Counters
A bathroom counter can get cluttered quickly when you’re moving in together, not to mention when you’re sharing a bathroom with someone else. Be sure to leave only everyday essentials, such as hand soap or toothbrushes, on the counter. Gather all other toiletries on a stylish tray. This will serve as subtle reminder to both of you to not leave everything spread out over the entire countertop. When choosing a tray, pick one that’s moisture proof and the area will be easy to clean.

5. Additional Storage
Another way to prevent clutter is to stash non-essential items in out-of-the-way spaces. If you’re short on cabinet space, use an over-the-door shoe caddy to keep items in easy reach. You might also want to consider adding a shelf. A slim wall shelf can not only make a huge difference in storage, but you could also use it to accent the space with a few decorative items.

Linens and towels from the Bellhops article "Moving in Together, Part 3: A Master Bathroom for Two"

6. Shower Space
Your shower can also be prone to clutter. If your shower has built-in shelving, try to use it to store only the shampoo, conditioner, soap, bath gel, razors, and other items that you’ll both be using on a regular basis. If your shower doesn’t have built-in storage, spend a few bucks on a hanging shower organizer and limit it to only those things that you need.

7. Hang Your Towels
While you don’t have to wash every single towel every single time it’s used, you will have to wash your towels if they wind up on the floor. Mount separate hooks or rods so you can hang them to dry between uses.

Thanks for reading. See you next time for the following installment in our “Moving in Together” series when we give you tips for combining your master bedroom.

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