Moving to Charleston (or any city for that matter) for college can be a nerve-racking experience. After registering for classes, the first thing you might worry about is, “where am I going to live?” While there are many different options when it comes to choosing where you want to live, you should make sure that the area you are moving to is an area that satisfies your unique needs and personality. To provide a little more information on some of these Chucktown areas, here are 5 of the best places to consider if you’re moving to Charleston, SC:

1. Spring Street:
This is a common area for students to live with decently priced houses. It is located very close to the College of Charleston campus, making the walk to class a breeze. It is a very social street and there is usually something happening on the weekends making this a great spot for very students looking for entertainment.

Meeting Street, Charleston SC - moving to charleston
Meeting Street

2. Meeting Street:
Students flock to this part of town for the many housing options it has to offer, from student apartment complexes to houses for rent. This historic street runs right through downtown and is home to many downtown markets and retail spaces. It is less than a mile from the College of Charleston and is located close to a nearby grocery store.

3. King Street: 
The price of housing on King Street is really the only reason these homes are not a more sought-after option. The majority of places on King Street you will find are located above the many shops that line the street. Its main attraction is it’s aesthetic charm—something that seems to always lure in the picture-snapping tourists. It is located only one block from campus so walking to class is convenient and fast.

4. St. Philip Street:
This street runs through the heart of the C-of-C campus and is well-liked among students. Like the previous streets, it is located close to campus and also close to King Street and its various bars and restaurants. It is much more affordable than King St and offers both houses and apartments.

5. Coming Street:
Located in downtown Charleston, Coming Street is where most students moving to Charleston live. The housing locations of this street are fairly priced as well. The library for the college is also right on Coming Street so printing a paper before class or doing some late night studying is all easily doable.

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