Moving Utilities: Be Utilities-Ready On Day One

Moving can be exciting. It can also be nerve-racking. And the prospect of moving utilities from one place to another doesn’t make things easier.

There’s a lot to do before you can call your new place home. After you find a new place, you need figure out what stuff you’ll be taking with you and what you’ll be getting rid of. You need figure out how much it will cost to move, schedule a time to move, and determine whether you can move everything yourself or if you’ll need help. (FYI here at Bellhops we are the modern alternative to traditional moving companies. We’re Chicago movers and movers in dozens of other cities throughout the country.)

Then, you need to starting packing up your old place, take a day (or more) to move, and then unpack everything in your new place.

But wait. There’s more!

Before you move, you also need to file a change of address form at the post office, change your address on any subscriptions, and let your family, friends, and employer know your new address, as well. And if you want to have running water, electricity, Internet, cable, and other services on day one at your new place, you need to be moving utilities, too.

Here’s how to move utilities to your new place so it’s ready on Day One:

Stay Connected

Transferring your utilities might seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re simply moving across town, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to keep all of the service providers you have now. While moving utilities, you can call your service providers a couple of weeks before your moving date to let them know when you’ll need everything switched over. If you’re moving to another area, you might have to make a few more calls, but if you follow these steps before and after your move, you’ll stay connected:

  • A couple of weeks before your planned move, make a list of all your current utilities, including the ones you aren’t going to need or want at your new place. Make sure you have the contact information for service provider and your most recent bill (if possible).
  • Ask your new landlord, property manager, real estate agent, or the outgoing tenant/homeowner about utility services in your new area. Find out if any of your utilities are included with your rent and if there are multiple providers for any services so that you can shop around for the best deal(s). (Note: Some landlords require you to show proof that your utilities have been set up before they’ll allow you to move in.)
  • Call the providers in your new area to ask about rates, deposits, discounts, and setting up connection appointments. Once you’ve settled on which services and providers you’ll be using, arrange to have the services in your new place turned on a day or two before you arrive. (Note: Some services, like cable and Internet, may require you to be home during the installation. Adjust your schedule accordingly.)
  • Once your new services have been arranged, call your existing service providers to set up shut-off dates at your current place. Make sure to give yourself a buffer of a couple of days in case the move takes longer than you planned and/or if you need extra time to clean. Ask about getting back any security deposits you might be owed, and pay your last bills immediately so you can avoid any lingering fees, forgotten charges, or collection efforts.
  • A few days before your move, call your new service providers again to confirm your your service start dates.
  • After you move, make sure your old service providers turned off your utilities at your previous place. Return any necessary equipment, and double check about any security deposits and outstanding charges.

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