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How To Pack A Moving Box The Right Way In 8 Easy Steps

You might think instructions for packing a box only need one step: pack the box. But the truth is, poor packing makes unpacking much harder and can lead to damaged items. So here are your instructions for how to pack a  moving box.

What You’ll Need:

  • Boxes
  • Packing paper, bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, or all of the above
  • PVC tape, with optional tape dispenser
  • Markers for labeling
  • String
  • Scissors


Step 1:
Group it up. Organize your belongings by size, weight, and their destination for your new place. The better organized you are now, the easier your unpacking experience will be.

Step 2:
Layer it up. Line the bottom of each box with packing peanuts. This will absorb shock and keep your valuables safe in case of accidental dropping, or even if the moving truck takes a bumpy road.

Step 3:
Bubble it up. Individually wrap your things in bubble wrap. Try to resist the urge to pop a few until after your move.

Step 4:
Stack it up. How to pack a moving box would be to place your heavier items in first and then the lighter, more delicate items on top.

Step 5:
Lighten up. Keep your boxes at or under 30 pounds each, unless you’re just dying for a busted back and broken belongings.

Step 6:
Before you close it up, add more packing peanuts to keep your belongings from knocking each other around. This will ensure the ultimate comfort and safety for your items.

Step 7: 
Close it up. Guide a string underneath the tape, and leave an inch or so on each side of the box. This way, you can easily grab hold of the string when you’re ready to open the box, pulling the tape up with it.

Step 8:
Label it up. Label your boxes or you will lose everything you own. Obviously, that is an exaggeration, but using different colored tape for different rooms can help organize where each box should go. Writing a list of items, such as kitchenware, bathroom decor, etc. can help organize where your things need to go.

Follow these steps and your move will be a little less insane. And when you need help lugging those beautifully packed boxes, allow Bellhops.

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