How to Pack All Those Things You’re Afraid to Pack

How to Pack Wine Glasses, Dishes, Shoes, and Everything Else You’re Not Sure About

Moving is expensive. Or, at least it can be when you’re not moving with Bellhops. And, an expensive move means that you don’t have a ton of room for error. The last thing you want to hear (after writing a check for a security deposit) is a big CRAAAACK! upon hitting a bump while on the road to your new home.

This blog post is for the time after you’ve packed most of your stuff for your upcoming move, but you still have a few things left that are fragile or cumbersome and you’re wondering how to pack them. We are going to explain you how to protect things you value most in your upcoming move. We’re talking china that’s been passed down in your family for generations, wine glasses, dishes, books, prized art, your favorite vinyl records, and more.

How to pack dishes

When packing dishes, we recommend you take the time to invest in plenty of packing paper. While it may take some additional work, go ahead and individually wrap each one of your dishes (especially the ones that are extremely fragile).

Another rule of thumb in regards to packing dishes is to never stack them on top of one another –– this will almost always result in a cracked plate.

Instead, consider packing your dishes on their sides, back to back (they are less likely to break this way). Also, before doing so, lay a piece of soft material like a blanket at the bottom of the box to absorb any shock.

How to pack wine glasses

There are a couple different ways you can go about packing wine glasses. One way is to just use a ton of bubble wrap and pack them in an alternating fashion. Imagine placing a wine glass right side up on a table, and then placing another wine glass with the mouth facing down. This will allow you to wedge them together, in a way, making sure that they stay securely in place. This is how you want to pack them in the moving box.

While you should be fine to just pack the wine glasses with a healthy helping of bubble wrap, an easier way is to simply invest in a wine glass packing kit. These boxes are actually made to move and distribute wine glasses. And, they are pretty affordable.

How to pack shoes

Packing shoes is pretty straightforward. Though, we do have some helpful recommendations. If you are the person that has dozens and dozens of shoes, we recommend that you wait to pack your shoes until the very last minute. There is no reason why you should keep a hundred dollar pair of boots crammed in a moving box for a couple weeks leading up to a move. Especially with leather shoes, this can lead to permanent wrinkles and disfigurements that are completely avoidable.

Also, if you have some extra grocery bags or moving papers, consider packing these materials into your shoes so you can keep their form. This should help reduce wrinkles and allow your shoes to stay as nice post move as they were before the move.

How to pack pieces of art

Out of everything on our list, packing pieces of art is probably the most difficult. If you have art that is worth thousands and thousands of dollars, we recommend that you consult an expert in art preservation. But, if you don’t possess something like the Mona Lisa, we have some tips that should keep your wall candy nice and safe.

Start by wrapping your piece of art in acid-free packing paper ( this is important so that it doesn’t damage the paint). Once you have done this, then wrap the piece of art in bubble wrap from head to toe. Be sure that no sides of the frame are exposed.

From here, you can either cushion the sides of the frame with cardboard or slide it into an old flat screen tv box (you should be able to find a few of these at a big box store).

How to pack vinyl records

The key to packing your treasured vinyls is packing them snugly but not tightly… if that makes any sense. You want them to fit snugly so that they don’t move around too much. But, if you pack them too tightly, they could potentially warp or bend during the long haul to your new place.

Fortunately, vinyl already come in a cover (which adds some protection), but for extra protection you should consider wrapping each of them in a piece of newspaper.

How to pack books

Books are pretty durable beasts, especially if you have a collection of hardcovers. However, this doesn’t mean you can just throw them in a bag and hope for the best. You are going to want to pack all of your books into smaller boxes where they can fit snugly like the vinyls we mentioned previously.

The reason you are going to use a smaller box versus a larger box is because books can get heavy pretty quickly. We don’t want you throwing your back out. Oh, the sacrifices we make for a good read.

When you are packing your beloved books into their boxes, be sure to pack them spines facing down –– this will allow for the strongest part of the book to absorb the majority of the shock.

How to pack DVDs

You can use a slightly larger box when packing DVDs because they aren’t quite as heavy as books. With that said, don’t get overzealous. When packing DVDs, be sure to pack them tight so that they don’t move around.

Also, we are assuming that the DVDs you are packing all have their original cases. If not, you should consider investing in a large DVD case—this particular one holds 400 discs. This won’t only protect your DVDs during the move, but it will protect them for years to come, too.

How to pack pictures

Chances are, you have a few memories you are going to want to bring along. While picture frames are great to house life’s most treasured moments, they can be a bit fragile and a little awkward to pack. When packing picture frames, be sure to pack them in bubble wrap and back to back in a box. Again, you are going to want to stack them here –– this is a good way to end up with a broken one. Instead, place them on their sides.

When In Doubt, Use More Packing Paper

As you continue to plan for your upcoming move, we want to remind you to just be extra careful with the various items we listed above!

One thing we always tell our customers is –– when in doubt just use more packing paper. Seriously, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your prized belongings. If you’re worried something could break, throw another layer of packing paper on it.

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