Congratulations! It took a little planning and TLC, but you and your dog have successfully moved into your new place. Now it’s puppy playtime!

If you love your new place because it’s bigger and closer to work, great. Hopefully, your dog has explored the new digs, and s/he loves them, too. They would love them even more, though, if they could find some other dogs in your new neighborhood to play with—and a new park to play in.

Whether you’ve moved to an apartment in the city or a small house in the suburbs, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some new furry friends for your best friend or a playground where your pup can play with them. You just need to know who to ask for some good old puppy playtime.

Here are some ideas:

Your Neighbors

The more people who live in your neighborhood, the better the chances you’ll run into some other dog owners. When you pass them in the hallway or on the street, ask them if they know of any dog parks nearby. You could also ask them if they would like to walk your dogs together or make a doggy play date. (You wouldn’t mind making a new friend or two yourself, would you?)

Your Co-workers

Just like your neighborhood, the more people you work with, the more dog owners you probably already know. Ask them about any dog parks in your area, and, if any of your coworkers live near you, ask them if they—and their pups—would like to get together sometime.

Your Vet

If you strike out with your neighbors or coworkers, you can always ask your veterinarian. If you don’t have a new vet in your new area, look for one online or ask your old vet to recommend one. When you visit the new vet for your dog’s next wellness checkup or vaccination, ask about any dog parks or other spots where dog owners and their pets hang out in the area. You can also check the office bulletin board for any helpful info, or even introduce yourself to any of the other pet owners you meet in the waiting area.

Your Trainer or Groomer

Your dog trainer or groomer can be another great source for meeting fellow dog owners or for finding out where owners and their dogs hang out in the area. Not only will they probably have great information to share themselves, but if you are bringing your dog to a class with other dog owners, you’ll likely meet others who are also looking for puppy playtime for their pets.

Doggy Apps

In addition to meeting other dogs and dog owners in person, there are several apps that can help you find puppy playtime and play areas in your area, as well:

  • Search Meetup for dog groups and other related activities in your area. If there aren’t any groups in your area, you can start one yourself. Start by setting up a simple walk in the park.
  • The Dogways app helps you find activities to do with your dog every day. You get a “real-time” view of what you can do with your dog at any given moment, as well as information about where other dog owners will be taking their dogs today and throughout the course of the week.
  • Meet My Dog and Twindog both connect with other dog owners in your area. You can chat about your pups, and schedule times to meet up.
  • Created for dog “borrowers” who would love to have a dog, but can’t have one, Bark’N’Borrow is also great for helping you connect with other pet owners for puppy playtime and doggie sleepovers. It also helps owners who’d like to exchange dog sitting duties with other owners as an alternative to hiring dog sitters or using a kennel.

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