Bellhop Spotlight: Meet Carlos Vargas

More than Movers: Meet Carlos Vargas

Moving is a personal experience. You’re not just moving your belongings. You’re entering a period of transition and often reflecting on what was and what will be. So it’s important that you know and trust the people who are assisting you in this process. This is why we’ve started our “More than Movers” series. (Oh, and just a heads-up: We call our movers “bellhops.”)

In our first installment, we spoke with 34-year-old Carlos Vargas, one of the best Chicago movers you’ll ever find, who’s worked with us since April 2018 and completed 135 moves.

Bellhops: Hey, Carlos. Thanks for chatting with us. The first question we’d like to ask is, how many times in your life have you moved?

Carlos: Wow. I’ve never added it up before, but it looks like I’ve moved at least 22 times.

Bellhops: That’s a lot. Where are you from originally?

Carlos: I’m originally from Chicago, but I’ve also lived in Missouri, Utah, Texas, and Germany.

Bellhops: What do you like to do when you’re not completing moves?

Carlos: When I’m not working, I like to watch movies, go to concerts, draw, read, and, when the mood strikes, I also like to paint, even though I’m not that good at it.

Bellhops: Are you in school?

Carlos: I’m not currently in school, but after a great talk with Bellhops developer Tim Haley, I am eager to continue my path to becoming a programmer.

Bellhops: If you could move one celebrity, who would it be?

Carlos: It’s a difficult choice, but if I had to move one celebrity I think it would be Keanu Reeves. He seems like a legitimately awesome human being.

Bellhops: Keanu definitely seems like he’d be fun to move, and also like a nice guy. So what’s the hardest part about moving?

Carlos: For the person moving, the hardest part has to be dealing with the stress of coordinating and preparing for their entire lives to be shifted. As a bellhop, my least favorite thing is having to play Tetris through a tight space with large, heavy, and fragile pieces of furniture. Locations with lots of stairs are a close second place.

Bellhops: We know all about that. So why do you like working as a mover on the app?

Carlos: There are a lot of things that I enjoy about the Bellhops platform. The two best parts being the flexibility and the autonomy. Being able to set and change your schedule on a weekly basis really makes life outside of work a lot easier; this in turn makes working that much better. I also love how the company expects us to be responsible while providing us the freedom, resources, and support to execute our moves to the best of our individual abilities. Every move poses special challenges, and our hard work in the field comes with trust from our team at headquarters that we are doing everything possible to get the job done correctly.

Bellhops: We really try to make the moving experience seamless for both our customers and the bellhops. Is there a particular move you’ve been involved with that you’re most proud of?

Carlos: That’s a difficult question to answer because I try to take pride in every move that I finish. I’m honestly not sure that I have one that tops the list.

Bellhops: What’s your go-to trick for making a move go well?

Carlos: There’s a lot that goes into making a move go well, but my top priority is to assure the customer, through words and actions, that we are going to do everything possible to make this as easy for them as we can. Moving can be one of the most stressful things a person can do, and so alleviating that stress is crucial to having happy customers. Also, when it comes to working with other bellhops, clear communication, respectful teamwork, and maintaining a positive, open-minded attitude are essential.

Bellhops: What’s the best advice you can give to a customer preparing to move?

Carlos: Be prepared and be patient. Having everything ready to go, broken down, and packaged not only makes our job easier but it also helps reduce the chaos of moving. And if it helps us get done early, that is savings in their pocket. Being patient is just about delaying any actions that might be solely a result of stress, as well as understanding that even though there may be occasional challenges, we are working past them. For the record, most of the people I’ve encountered have been very patient.

Oh, also use boxes that are relatively uniform in size, or are easily stackable. This can save a lot of time, energy, and, potentially, money. Numerous large bags are more trouble than they are worth, and they tend to clutter up a new apartment or house very quickly.

Bellhops: Is there a memorable Bellhops moving story that you can share regarding a customer?

Carlos: About a week ago, I had a job where we were packing up the truck to unload at a separate location and the customer paid us to go get lunch for two hours because the new location wasn’t ready yet. Even though it was blazingly hot, the move went well and the girls were more than happy when we were done.

Bellhops: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us, Carlos.

Carlos: No problem. Happy to do it!

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