4 Easy DIY Backyard Projects

Okay, so you are all moved into your new home and you’re trying to figure out how on Earth you’re going to spend the first Saturday you’ve had in months that doesn’t have to be dedicated to packing or unpacking boxes.

As you sit on your back porch while taking controlled sips from your warm cup of coffee, you stare out at your big empty backyard — then suddenly a beautiful thought enters your mind… in the words of Brennan from Step Brothers, “So much room for activities?”

As you fight back the urge to grab your samurai sword and start cutting watermelons in half, you decide to have fun while being an adult and do something productively entertaining instead (not that slicing melons in midair like a backyard melon ninja isn’t). You decide that today is the day you’re going to grab your work gloves and knock out your very first DIY Backyard project (or four).

Let’s face it, if you type “DIY” into Google, you will be barraged with a never-ending list of Pinteresty-styled DIY projects the options are endless. So, because of this, we decided to go with four eccentric DIY Projects that you probably won’t find in too many other places.

1. DIY Pinecone Landscape Bedding

Two problems that gardeners often run into are (one) keeping dogs, cats and pesky little squirrels out of their landscape beds and (two) spending hundreds of dollars mulching these landscape beds. Fortunately, if you have a Pine tree in your backyard, you have free landscape bedding right at your disposal.

Here’s how you do it yourself:

  1. Collect a bunch of pinecones (you may need a lot depending on the size of the landscape bed).
  2. Create an outside barrier around the landscape bed to keep the pinecones in–– small to medium size stones will work just fine here.
  3. Dump the pinecones in the bed and spread them out evenly.
  4. Make sure there is not dirt or soil showing, it looks much better when there is at least a 6-inch layer of pinecones.

2. DIY Rolling Tree Stump End Table


End tables can run a pretty penny, especially if you are wanting an aesthetically pleasing one made 100% of wood. Fortunately, they are extremely easy to make on your own and can look just as good –– if not better.

Here’s how you do it yourself:

  1. Get your hands on a stump of wood that has been cut at both ends (you don’t want any of the roots). If you don’t have one laying around your house, call a few of the local tree cutting businesses in your city.
  2. You will want to start by stripping off all of the stump’s bark. You can do this with a hammer or a pry bar. If you have neither, get creative (just be careful not to hurt yourself).
  3. Once the bark has been removed, you can begin sanding the stump down. If you want the stump to look rugged, sandless. If you want the stump to look smooth, sand more.
  4. After you are done sanding, wipe all the sawdust and dirt from it with a wet rage and let it sit for a day or two. You’re going to want to let it dry before applying the varnish.
  5. Once it has dried, add a couple of coats of wood varnish (which you can learn more about here). Be sure to pay attention to the shade of varnish you use –– this will dramatically change the look of the stump.
  6. Then, once the varnish has dried, you are ready to add some wheels to the underside of the stump. We really like these, because you don’t have to screw them in. The stump just sits right on top of them… and if it is heavy enough won’t tumble off.

3. DIY Ultimate Backyard Quilt

You never know when you’re going to need a good blanket or quilt –– 4th of July, picnic, music festival, outdoor concert, etc. And, while you can always buy a blanket or quilt from your local convenience store for your impromptu outdoor activities, have you ever thought about making one on your own?

The DIY Ultimate Pillow Quilt is one of the easiest choices on this list of DIY backyard projects. And, it also happens to be the most comfortable. Keep reading and we will tell you all about how to make it.

Here’s how you do it yourself:

  1. First things first, you’re going to need a bunch of pillows. While you can buy these brand new, there is a good chance you have some lying around the house that you aren’t using. If you do decide to pick them up at the store, don’t feel like you need to spend a fortune. Remember, this will be an outdoor quilt.
  2. Lay all the pillows out, side by side, in the shape of a square or rectangle. There is no right or wrong shape here though… if you want a triangular pillow quilt or a hexagonal pillow quilt, don’t let us stop you!
  3. Now, get your hands on some heavy duty thread and if you don’t know how to sew, watch this video.
  4. Sew the sides of the pillows together until they are nice and snug and BAM!… you’ve got yourself a DIY Pillow Quilt.

4. DIY Glow in the dark outdoor walkway.

Glow in the dark walkways and driveways are great for individuals who are tired of stubbing their toes when the sun goes down… or who just want to add a dreamy aesthetic to their home. And, surprisingly, you can create a glow in the dark walkway or driveway without breaking the bank. Plus, it might just be the easiest DIY backyard project on our list.

Here’s how you do it yourself:

  1. You’re going to want to start by getting your hands on some glow in the dark paint. There is a good chance you can find some at your local arts and crafts store, but Ace Hardware offers some online options as well.
  2. Once you have done this, you’re going to need rocks. These can either be large landscape rocks or tiny pebbles –– it really depends on the night time style you are looking for. In the picture we have feature above, they are using tiny pebbles.
  3. Now, begin to paint the pebbles or rocks in the glow in the dark paint, and make sure they have at least one good coat on them.
  4. Set the rocks on some wax paper and let them dry. While you let the rocks dry, map out where in your landscaping you’re wanting to place them.
  5. IMPORTANT: once the rocks have dried, distribute just a few of them too and fro and then see what they look like once the sun goes down and the moon comes out.
  6. If you like the way they look, then begin to distribute the rest of the rocks –– either on the sides of your driveway, in your landscaping or in your yard forming a walkway.

What are you waiting for go out and DIY?

DIY backyard projects are a great way to spend your time on the weekends saving money and learning a new craft. Not to mention, spend time with friends, family or your significant other. If nothing on our list struck a chord with you today, just take a moment and look around your backyard. What’s missing? A patio? Potted plants? Maybe a fire pit? Whatever it is, we can guarantee that someone somewhere has made it… and if you look hard enough you can find it on Google or Pinterest.

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