By Maggie Newland

A new way of moving is gaining popularity in the Triangle. You can go on a website or make a call and schedule local college students to help with the heavy lifting.

When Mark Sherman needed to rearrange his Durham house, he hired some help through a company called Bellhops. One of those bellhops was Travis Slaughter.  “I call it the Uber of moving,” he said.  Bellhops hires college students to help with moves. Customers book online or over the phone. Students are notified of job opportunities through an app and can schedule jobs around classes or athletics.

“The app basically notifies you when there’s a job,” explained Jake Forth, the campus director of Raleigh Area Bellhops. “It tells you location, duration and who else is working. All you do is tap a button and you’re on the move.” Slaughter said, “It’s good because I can choose the job if I want to or if it doesn’t fit with my schedule, I don’t have to accept it.”

Before the Bellhops arrive, the customer finds out who will be doing the move. Sherman says he received an email a couple days before the move with the bellhops’ names, photos and college majors.  “It helps to know they’re all college students, their majors and they’re not just some random person,” Sherman said.

The company started in 2011 and operates across the country. It’s growing here in the Triangle from 110 Bellhops two years ago to nearly 200 now. Some customers like the idea of cashless online transactions. Others like hiring college students. “It was local kids – helping local kids out,” Sherman said.

*This article has been revised from its original form, published by WNCN Raleigh. Click here to see that post.

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