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Celebrating Women’s History Month: The Women of Bellhops

As Women’s History Month comes to an end, March 31, here are some awesome women who are helping disrupt the moving industry by shaping the future of Bellhops Moving.

To celebrate, members of our team shared why they find their work meaningful and why it’s important to have women working in the moving space, a traditionally male-dominated field.

Regan Huisman, Market Manager
Katherine Sandoval, Sales Team
Ava Rymer, Customer Care Specialist
Megan Caldwell, Bellhop Operations Manager
Tisha Blankenship, Claims Team Lead
Kelly Susen, Accounting Manager
Brianna Stedman, Truck Operations Manager
Josie McGhee, Senior Accountant
Sarah Marshall, PR & Communications
Emily Thomas, Engineering
Sarah Beairsto, Customer Care Supervisor
Corey Humphress, Director of Process & Quality
Emma Smith, Sales Team
Sarah Upton, Truck Operations Account Manager
Tracy Smallwood, Quality Assurance Manager
Sarah Perri, Customer Care Specialist
Adriana Oceguera, Customer Care Specialist
Sydney Gleason, Sales Team
Mary Scott Sanders, Business Intelligence Manager

Q: Why Bellhops?

Corey Humphress, Director of Process & Quality

“I love the Bellhops mission because it’s about more than shuffling boxes and furniture around. It’s about coming alongside folks during one of the most stressful experiences any of us have: moving day. It’s about bringing a playful spirit and a servant’s heart into the middle of that experience. And it’s about giving highly motivated customer servants and small-business owners the opportunity to earn money when and how they want.” 

Tracy Smallwood, Quality Assurance Manager

“The engineers that I work with are creative and extremely brilliant. The algorithms and tech that I get to be a part of not only help our customers, bellhops and internal operations do their tasks efficiently, but they are also very interesting to work with. Bellhops is a place where you can bring an idea and implement it, unlike a corporate company.”

Brianna Stedman, Truck Operations Manager”

“The company culture – I feel valued, listened to, and have (generally) been given multiple opportunities to grow in various different ways. I’m judged on my skills and the quality of my work, and I love working for a company that rewards dedication and tenacity.”

Q: Why is it important to have women working in the moving/tech space? 

Josie McGhee, Senior Accountant

“Not only do women bring a unique set of strengths, thoughts, and perspectives to the table, but a large portion of our customers are women; it’s important for that to be represented in our own headquarters, where decisions are made with the customer’s needs in mind.”

Tisha Blankenship, Claims Team Lead

“In a typically male-dominated industry, women can bring new ideas and perspectives to problems commonly faced by any moving company. It’s really important for any company to employ women in order to diversify their workforce. I love working with the strong, empowered women here at Bellhops!”

Kelly Susen, Accounting Manager

“Bringing a diverse set of perspectives to the table will, without question, improve any company’s product. As Bellhops’ target customers tend to be women, it’s especially imperative that women be at the forefront of decision making at our company. Also as a leader in the tech space in Chattanooga and the southeast, we are in the unique position of setting an example for other companies.”

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This month Bellhops joined the Founders for Change campaign which launched on March 20.  Read more about the campaign here.

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