COVID-19 update: As an essential service putting safety first, all of our movers wear masks on every move.

Contact-Free Moves

Trusted teams connected through tech and devoted to handling the burdens of moving so you can focus on feeling safe and settled.

Because your safety matters

Bellhops customers now have the option to book contact-free moves. This means customers can stay off-site during their move while staying in charge of their experience via video and phone calls with the team. We’re prioritizing the health of our community, which means finding new ways to offer essential moving services, and contact-free moves allow customers to benefit from moving help while protecting their safety. To opt-in, schedule a reservation by calling ‭844-259-4886‬ and mentioning your preference for a contact-free move.

To opt-in, schedule a reservation by calling 844-259-4886‬ and mentioning your preference for a contact-free move.

Here’s a step-by-step of how we’re making it possible:
  • A contact-free move means you don’t have to be on-site during your move.
  • Before you move, we ask that you clearly label any items that will remain in the home, and that you label each box with the room you want it moved into at the final destination.
  • On move day, our movers will give you notice of their arrival and allow you time to step away from your home.
  • The movers will provide you an inventory of all items loaded onto the truck. Review this to verify that the items you need moved have been loaded onto the truck.
  • At your second location, you’ll do a final inspection of the move to make sure everything has been placed where you like it.
  • After that, the entire transaction, including tipping, can be processed digitally.
  • At any point during the move, you can contact the Move Lead by phone.

If you have any further questions about contact-free moves, give us a call at 844-259-4886‬. For questions about what we’re doing in light of COVID-19, refer to our FAQ page.