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Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 and your move

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about our operations and what we are doing to keep our customers and our Pros safe. We want you to know that our top priority is your safety, as well as the safety of the Pros who work with us, and we are taking proactive measures to provide extra support in these uncertain times.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about how we're handling COVID-19.

All Pros have been familiarized with the hygiene and social-distancing practices outlined by the WHO and CDC. Because of the way our platform is designed, each mover will arrive independently to your residence. Outside of your move, all touch-points in the market are virtual, with no large team gatherings or meetings. The majority of our communication with customers and movers is digital, and we do not perform in-home consultations.

We are actively communicating with the workers on our platform to ensure they’re taking every precaution to remain healthy and safe. This includes:

  • Practicing CDC recommended hand-washing techniques and other prevention methods
  • Requiring all Pros to wear masks while on the job
  • Staying home if they’re showing any symptoms of illness (whether related to COVID-19 or not)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the moving equipment

We’re asking customers to follow basic protocol related to social distancing. This includes

  • Maintaining a 6-foot distance from movers and drivers as they work
  • Refraining from any participation in the move
  • Cleaning furniture that is being moved (before your movers arrive)
  • Disinfecting items that have been padded and wrapped once they’re unwrapped
  • Disposing of all packing materials once the move is complete

Before you book

We do our best to make every move happen. Open our booking page, and enter each location at which you need help. If we don't service one or more locations, you can book hourly services, like packing, loading, unloading, or driving services at the locations we do service. For long distance moves, submit your locations and we'll get in touch.

We provide a variety of packages, including truck move options. If you reserve a move with a truck, we'll provide a driver and a set of tools on the truck, as well as blankets to pad and wrap your furniture. However, we do not offer packing services, so we request that all items be packed prior to the move.

To order packing supplies, visit our packing supplies page.

Bellhop can outfit your move with a driver and one or more trucks. The trucks we use are as large as 26-feet long, have 1,600 square feet of storage, and require 14' of clearance. In some cities, we offer a 16-foot truck option in case of smaller inventory.

If you are booking a 26-foot truck, we recommend having at least 40 feet of space available where the truck will be parked to allow plenty of space for a ramp.

The Build-Your-Own package empowers you to create the service offering that's best for you. When you enter your address and inventory, our experience from over 200,000 moves tells us which of our packages is the best fit for you. But if you notice you need something a little different than the recommended package, the Build-Your-Own service might do the trick.

With this package, you can increase or decrease the number of movers, trucks and drivers, and labor hours you reserve. This package is billed using our prorated pricing model. This means if you reserve more than our two hour minimum, at the two hour mark, you will then be charged in prorated increments—but only for the time you use.

Please note that reducing the number of movers can prolong the move and increase its cost, so make sure to book what you need. Since you're charged only for the time you actually use, we recommend reserving an hour more than you think you will need, just in case.

In most cases, moving with the trucks on our platform—which are insured, maintained, and stocked with moving equipment—can be cheaper, more efficient, and provide more peace of mind. If you prefer to provide and drive your own moving truck, simply select our Moving Labor services. You'll still get the mind-blowing customer service we're known for.

Please note, your pros cannot drive or park your rented or personal truck. And, since our tools are stocked on our trucks, your pros will not have tools with them. For best results, please rent moving equipment along with the truck you rent—tools such as dolly, pads, wrap, straps—to prevent damages and make the move more efficient.

At this time, we do not offer packing services. However, we do offer packing supplies bundles here.

If your order contains hourly labor services, your team will not come equipped with tools. Our pros are skilled at moving, not out-of-the-box assembly. However, as long as you have the tools and instructions, they will be willing to help (though we cannot disassemble or re-assemble equipment like ellipticals, large items like bunk beds, or electronics).

If you ordered a local or long-distance move with a Bellhop-provided truck, the pros will be equipped with a tool set and moving equipment, such as dollies and blankets. As in hourly labor services, our pros are skilled at moving, not new, out-of-the-box furniture assembly. However, as long as you have the tools and instructions, they will be willing to help (though we cannot disassemble or re-assemble equipment like ellipticals, large items like bunk beds, or electronics).

Bellhop can move most standard appliances but cannot install or uninstall them. For help, check out this video.

Items that weigh more than 300 pounds; items that exceed the clearance of hallways, stairways, or doorways; drugs or drug paraphernalia; perishable items; items prohibited by law; weapons, explosives, flammable liquids; anything that would otherwise put the safety of the crew, the truck, the customer, or the customer’s belongings at risk. If you are unsure whether your items fall into the categories above, please give us a call at 1-877-541-0875. Additional information, particularly about special items we can move, but cannot cover, can be found in Section 7 of our Terms of Service.

Booking and payment

Bellhop can schedule moves with as little as one day's notice. If you need to move today or tomorrow, contact us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your last-minute needs. In order to guarantee your reservation, book greater than three days out. Though we accept bookings under three days, we can't guarantee those moves until we staff them. In order to get started, book online or call 1 (877) 541-0875.

If you booked an hourly or Build-Your-Own move, it is easy to modify the details by logging onto your dashboard. Simply click "Modify Reservation" to adjust the number of team members or hours you’ve reserved, change your payment method or contact information, and even reschedule your move. You may also give us a call at 1-877-541-0875.

If your move falls under the prorated pricing process (meaning, if it is not a long-distance move or billed independently), your estimate has been calculated based on the amount of time you reserved. If your service is completed before the minimum is reached, then you will pay the minimum amount. The minimum is one hour for one address moves, and two hours for two-plus address moves.

This to-the-minute billing gives you the most flexibility, rather than charging you in large chunks of time you whose full duration you may not need. Finally, if you booked a local move, travel time between locations is considered billable during your move, so please be sure to consider that when scheduling.

Should your service extend beyond the minimum, you will pay for the amount of time your service requires.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as digital payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay, so you don’t have to worry about having cash on move day. We do not accept cash or check, though you are welcome to tip using either cash or your preferred payment method. You may add one discount code per order.

You can view the payment breakdown in your dashboard, which is available once you book.

Your deposit is 5 percent of your estimated cost. You’ll be charged this amount forty-eight hours after booking your move, though if you booked with less than forty-eight hours notice, your deposit will be charged when you book.

Final Payment
Two days before your service, we place a temporary hold on your payment method for the estimated balance. Your final, updated total will be charged forty-eight hours after your move is complete.

If you cancel your move, your bank will release the total hold. If your final bill costs less than your estimate, your bank will release the difference between your cost and estimate. Typically, banks release these funds in about three to five business days.

Yes. We accept one coupon per order, which you may apply up until final payment has been processed.

The following applies to all local & long-distance moves:

Should you need to cancel your service, you can do so free of charge in the first 48 hours after booking. This is when you’re charged a 5 percent deposit of the estimate for your service. If you have to cancel after Bellhop collects this deposit, it will not be returned.

If you cancel within 72 hours of your reservation date, you will forfeit your previously collected 5% deposit and be charged a $100 late cancellation fee.

We are proud to offer flexible reschedules. For local moves, you can reschedule at any time after booking and just pay the difference in the hourly rate for the new reservation date and time. However, if you reschedule within 72 hours of your reservation date, we apply a $50 reschedule fee to the order.

For long-distance moves, please contact your assigned Move Coordinator to reschedule your reservation. Moves that are rescheduled within 72 hours of the reservation day are subject to a $200 rescheduling fee.

What to expect on move day

Your service team lead has your phone number and will contact you prior to the service. If you need to initiate contact, please do so by calling our customer care team at 1 (877) 541-0875.

For your safety, Bellhop prohibits customers from actively participating in the moving process. Our insurance prohibits us from allowing customers onto truck ramps, lift gates, or inside of the truck. Bellhop cannot be responsible for injuries or damages that occur because of, or on behalf of, a customer’s or non-customer’s actions.

To ensure that your pros are available for the duration of your move, booking adequate time is encouraged.

If your move is priced using the prorated pricing model, the following policy applies:

  • If your move runs long, you will pay for the amount of time your move requires, which is calculated in increments of one minute.
  • If your move is priced as a flat-rate move, you'll only be charged the rate you agreed to at booking.

Our prorated moves include moving labor, the complete home move, and the build-your-own packages. Note: long-distance moves are priced using a flat-rate, so no charge is incurred if the move runs long.

Some of our pros are allergic to certain pets, so regardless of whether your pets will be present on move day, we like to make the pros aware of this. Please let us know if you are a pet owner. We encourage you to find a pet-sitter for move day or reserve a closed room in the home where they can stay undisturbed.

We continually monitor weather conditions and respond when your move may be affected. In cases of severe weather, when other service providers pause operations, we talk with you to reschedule your move. When the inclement weather is less severe, we coordinate with you and your move team to judge the best course of action. Of course, the safety of you and your move team is most important; if you're concerned about weather on your move day, please call us at 1 (877) 541-0875.

We strive to take care of you throughout every stage of your move. In the unfortunate event that something gets damaged or lost in the process, it is our policy to make sure we address the situation and resolve it in a fair and timely manner.

If you believe Bellhop is responsible for damages or missing items, here's what to do:

If you purchased insurance, email Centerline at claims@centerlinepc.com, or give them a call at 833-236-8371.

When your move is complete

The easiest way to tip your pros is online. After your move is complete, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to review your charges, add tips, and rate your experience. Standard tipping amounts range from 5 percent to 20 percent of your total, per each mover.

We strive to take care of you throughout every stage of your move. In the unfortunate event that something gets damaged or lost in the process, it is our policy to make sure we address the situation and resolve it in a fair and timely manner.

If you believe Bellhop is responsible for damages or missing items, here's what to do:

Please start a claim on your dashboard. Soon after, you will receive a link to our Damage Claim form and have 5 business days from the date of your move to file your claim. Please keep all damaged items until the claims process has been resolved.

If you are unable to file your claim within 5 business days of your move date, please do the following:

If you purchased insurance through Centerline: Centerline requires claims to be filed within five days. If this is impossible for you, please reach out to them (claims@centerlinepc.com) to ask for another option.

If you did not purchase insurance though Centerline: Contact quality@bellhop.com. The Claims team will review the situation and get back to you within 1 to 2 business days.

For customers who purchased insurance through Centerline, claims are processed five business days after they are filed.

For customers who did not purchase insurance, Bellhop typically processes claims within one to two business days. Since every situation is unique, it may take longer to resolve some claims. The Claims team will remain in contact with customers throughout the process and work diligently to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Please note that we cannot begin processing a claims until the move balance has been paid. We place a hold on claims until the balance is paid, and then process the claim within 1 to 2 business days. Even if customers have an outstanding balance with Bellhop, they are still required to submit your Claim form within 5 business days from the date of their move.

Customers who book Bellhop for help loading a shared trailer or storage container are required to submit a completed Bellhop Claim Form within 5 business days of their move. Bellhop will only assume liability for damages to eligible items when the damages occur during the loading process (before the door closes on the shared trailer or storage container). Bellhop will not be liable for any damages that occur during transit.

We resolve claims in accordance with Section 8 of our Terms of Service, which is where you can find the Bellhop Damage Protection Policy. Under the policy, you may be eligible to recover from damages to your personal property at a rate of sixty (60) cents per pound ($.60/lb.), per item damaged, up to a maximum total claim for all eligible items of $1,000 per order for labor-only services or $2,000 per order for labor-and-truck services. For example, if a 100-pound dresser, valued at $300, is damaged during a move, you may be eligible to recover a total of $60 (100 pounds multiplied by 60 cents). For more information about our Damage Protection Policy, including any exclusions or limitations, please refer to Section 8 of our Terms of Service.

If you have a question about your bill, log onto your dashboard, and, under the menu, select Report an Issue. Out of the options, choose Billing Question. After you submit this, and while your bill is under review, we will delay charging your card.