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Before you book

Why should I choose Bellhops over a traditional moving company?

Bellhops is a simple, affordable, and modern alternative to traditional moving brands. It seeks to continually refine the experience of moving through technology that not only streamlines the booking process but also ensures customers are matched with the most-qualified movers and drivers in their area.
  • Book online in minutes
  • Guaranteed booking with one full day of notice
  • Cashless, pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Labor-only moves available

How are bellhops different from traditional movers?

Our bellhops are unique because we are dedicated to recruiting ambitious, friendly, hardworking people. Prior to being accepted onto our platform, candidates must first complete an interview process to ensure they possess the personality and skills necessary to provide a phenomenal moving experience. Candidates must also undergo a full background check.
In addition to movers, we also recruit professional drivers whose sole job is to safely transport your belongings from one location to the next.

Are you local to me?

Bellhops operates in more than 20 markets throughout the country. To learn more, visit our locations page.

What if one or both of my locations is outside of your serviceable area?

If we only have bellhops in one of the areas you’re moving to/from, you may elect to book a Load or Unload for labor-only help at a single-location. At this time, we are unable to allow our bellhops to travel outside of their service area.

What's the biggest move you can handle?

Although we are best-suited for small- to medium-scale moves, we offer 26-foot trucks that can accommodate up to four bedrooms.

Are you affordable?

Yes! Our average local move is $230. With pay-as-you-go pricing, you’ll only pay for the actual time your bellhops work (beyond the service minimum).

How does "pay-as-you-go" work?

While there is a minimum charge per service, you’ll only pay for the time that your bellhops actually work beyond that. We charge in 15 minute increments. Your estimate is calculated by comparing your move size with other moves we’ve done of similar sizes. Remember, you pay-as-you-go. This means that if your move only takes two hours, then that’s all you pay for. We don’t charge you a dime until your move is finished.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, so you don’t have to worry about having cash on move day. On the day before your move, you might see a pre-authorization, but you will not be charged until your move has been completed and you’ve had a chance to verify the hours.

What do I do if I have a discount code?

When making a reservation online, you can enter your coupon code into the promo code input on the checkout screen right before you place your reservation. We are only able to honor one discount per order.

Do you provide trucks and moving supplies?

Each truck on the platform contains standard equipment such as dollies and moving blankets, but additional packing supplies—such as plastic wrap, furniture pads, Bubble Wrap, boxes, mattress bags, hardwood-floor coverings, et cetera—must be supplied by the customer.

Can you do long-distance moves?

If you are moving from one city we service to another city that we service, Bellhops can build a personalized moving plan to fit your needs and schedule.
To schedule a long-distance move, select a Load or Unload service for each location, as separate reservations. For help booking a long-distance move, give us a call at 1 (888) 836-3939.

How can I estimate the amount of bellhops and/or time I will need for my move?

Our simple, online booking process will start you off with a recommended labor calculation (bellhops and time) based on the size of your property. You may adjust this configuration as you see fit—consider drive time, elevators, stairs, distance to parked truck, etc. These all contribute to the duration of your move. To ensure that your bellhops are available for the duration of your move, booking adequate time is encouraged. For help with estimating your move, give us a call (888) 836-3939.

What if I overestimate the amount of labor I need?

Although there is a minimum charge per service, you will only pay for the time that your bellhops actually work. We charge in 15-minute increments.

What if I’m only moving part of my house?

If you’re only moving part of your house, select the number of bedrooms closest to the amount you’re moving for a more accurate estimate.

What size(s) are your trucks?

Bellhops can outfit your move with a professional driver and a 26-foot truck.

What if I rent/have my own truck?

In most cases, moving with the truck we provide can be cheaper and more efficient for your move. If you prefer to provide and drive your own moving truck, simply select the “Remove Truck” option to switch to a “Bellhops only” service. You'll still get the mind-blowing customer service we're known for. Please note, your bellhops can not drive or park your rented/personal truck.

What equipment is included with my move?

  • With our Truck + bellhops service, we will come equipped with dollies, straps, and blankets to make sure your move day runs smoothly. We do not provide boxes or packing materials.
  • With our Bellhops only service, we do not provide equipment, supplies or tools. You may provide the necessary equipment or tools for our bellhops to use at your discretion.
  • With our Load or Unload service, we do not provide equipment, supplies or tools. You may provide the necessary equipment or tools for our bellhops to use at your discretion.
  • With our In-home Move service, we do not provide equipment, supplies or tools. You may provide the necessary equipment or tools for our bellhops to use at your discretion.

Can my bellhops pack for me?

Bellhops does not offer packing services. Your items will need to be packed and ready when your bellhops arrive on move day. Our trucks are equipped with moving blankets, but additional packing supplies like plastic wrap, furniture pads, bubble wrap, boxes, mattress bags, hardwood floors coverings, etc. are not supplied by Bellhops.

Will my bellhops assemble and disassemble furniture if needed?

Our bellhops are the helping hands. As long as you have the tools and instructions, we will be glad to help.

Will I pay for the travel time between locations?

Travel time between locations is considered billable during your move, so please be sure to factor that in when scheduling.

How much notice does Bellhops need?

The moving industry standard for minimum notice is five days, but with as little as one day's notice, Bellhops can be there if we have availability. If you need to move today or tomorrow, book with us ASAP and we’ll work together to find a time that works for those last-minute needs.

Can I book earlier or later than the website allows?

Our website reflects our availability. At this time we are unable to deviate from our current availability.

What items will you not move?

Oversized items exceeding 300 lbs. and/or the clearance area of hallways, stairways, and doorways cannot be moved. Bellhops also cannot move items that are prohibited by law, dangerous, unsanitary or unsafe. If you are unsure whether your items fall into the categories above, please give us a call to discuss (888) 836-3939. Additional information can be found in our Terms of Service along with a full list of prohibited property in Section 7.

I think it will take more than one day for my move. What do I do?

Book a separate moving service for each day. You will most likely have a different team of bellhops on each reservation.

What’s the difference between "Load or Unload" and "Bellhops only—Local Move" services?

The main difference is the number of locations. If you’ll need help at multiple locations, select "Bellhops only." If you only need help at a single location, select "Load or Unload."

Can I help on move day?

For your safety, Bellhops prohibits customers from actively participating in the moving process. Our insurance prohibits us from allowing customers onto truck ramps, lift gates, or inside of the truck. Bellhops cannot be responsible for injuries or damages that occur to or on behalf of a customer’s or non-customer’s actions.

So how exactly does move day work?

From the moment you book a moving service, we’ll get to work finding you hardworking bellhops. Prior to your move, you’ll receive an e-mail that introduces your bellhops. On the big day, your Captain bellhop will call to let you know he/she is on the way. Each bellhop will arrive in his/her personal vehicle. If you have selected services that include a truck, a professional driver will be included. He/she does not count as one of the bellhops and will not participate in the loading or unloading process. Once your team has arrived, they’ll conduct a brief walk-through, take note of any special instructions you may have, and then get to work.

Will my bellhops arrive together?

Some bellhops may carpool to moves, but most will arrive separately in their personal vehicle.

Who drives the truck?

We work with professional drivers whose sole job is to drive the truck safely from one location to the next, ensuring no items are broken in transit. These professionals will not assist in moving, loading, or unloading your items.

How well should I pack if I'm only moving a short distance?

Proper packing is encouraged because it makes the move go quicker, keeps items safe in transit, and prevents damages/lost items. That’s as true for moves across the street as it is for moves across the country.

Can you install or uninstall my appliances?

Bellhops can move most standard appliances, but we can not install or uninstall them. Appliances must be uninstalled prior to move day. For help, check out this how-to video.

What about pets on move day?

Some of our bellhops are allergic to certain pets so we like to let them know before the day of your move–regardless of whether they will be present on move day. We encourage you to find a petsitter for move day or reserve a closed room in the home where they can stay undisturbed.

Any other preparation tips?

  • We do not provide packing services. Your items will need to be packed and ready when your bellhops arrive.
  • Appliances must be uninstalled and drained if necessary. Bellhops cannot uninstall or install major appliances. Watch how
  • Disassembling furniture prior to your move is recommended. Bellhops might be able to assist with basic dismantling, but you must supply the necessary tools.
  • Plan to transport highly valuable or perishable items (e.g., jewelry, antiques, artwork, musical instruments, medications, plants, food, liquids) in your personal vehicle.

What if I need to cancel my move?

Your reservation is fully refundable up to one full calendar day before your move date. For reservations cancelled one full calendar day before the date of your move, you will be charged the one-hour rate.

What if I need to reschedule my move?

You may reschedule your move at any time. Reservations rescheduled less than one full calendar day before your move date will incur a flat convenience fee of $30. If you need to reschedule on the day of your move, we can’t guarantee we’ll have bellhops available, but we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

Can I adjust my move duration or number of bellhops after I’ve made my reservation?

Yes. To adjust the number of bellhops or hours you’ve reserved, give us a call at 1 (888) 836-3939.

Move Day

Can I call my bellhops directly on move day?

Your Captain bellhop has your phone number and will contact you directly on move day. If you need to initiate contact, please do so by calling 1 (888) 836-3939.

Am I paying for the professional driver? Does he/she count as one of the bellhops I reserved?

If you select services that include a truck, a professional driver will be included. He/she does not count as one of the bellhops and will not participate in the loading or unloading process.

What if my move runs longer than expected?

To ensure that your bellhops are available for the duration of your move, booking adequate time is encouraged. If your move runs long, you’ll continue to be charged in 15 minute increments at the hourly rate provided in your estimate until your move is complete.

What if one of my bellhops arrives late?

If you’re concerned about the arrival time of your bellhop(s), give us a call at 1 (888) 836-3939. You will only be charged for the time each bellhop works, and you will have the opportunity to verify that time through a confirmation e-mail, which you will receive when the move has been completed.

One of my bellhops couldn’t make it to my move. Will my hourly rate be adjusted?

Yes. Your hourly rate is based on how many bellhops you reserve. If any are absent on move day, the hourly rate will automatically adjust to the rate associated with the number of bellhops working your move.

When Your Move Is Complete

When do I pay for my move?

While a credit card is required to reserve your move, you will not be charged until after the move is complete. You will have 24 hours to review your charges before your transaction is processed.

How do I tip and what’s a standard amount?

The easiest way to tip your bellhops is online. After your move is complete, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to review your charges, add tips, and rate your experience. Standard tipping amounts range from 5 percent to 20 percent of your total, per bellhop.

What do I do if something was damaged during my move?

We apologize for any mishaps that occurred on your move. If you or your bellhops discover damages to your items or structural property, please click here for instructions on how to file a damage claim with Bellhops. All claims must be submitted within three business days of the date of the move during which the damage occurred. Please keep all damaged items until the claims process is resolved.