How can we help?


I hate moving. Don't you hate moving?

What we hate is seeing you stressed out. That’s why we’re all about taking the madness out of your moving day. It sounds impossible, but that’s what we do.

Are you affordable?

Yes. Our average move price (which can vary slightly, depending on your city) is $165. No matter what time you estimate for your job, you’ll only pay for the exact time your bellhops work. Get an instant quote with no strings attached to see exactly how it breaks down for you.

How does Bellhops handle damage that occurs during moves?

If you discover damage that occurred during your move, send an email to within 30 business days from the date of the move during which the damage occurred. A claim form specific to your location will be sent back to you with instructions on how to file the claim. We will only accept one claim submission per Bellhops reservation. Please note that Bellhops will not move pianos, organs, gun safes, pool tables, china cabinets, antiques, exercise equipment, hot tubs, or any item that is collectible, irreplaceable, highly valuable, extremely heavy or potentially dangerous.

What's the biggest move you can handle?

We’re perfect for small and medium scale moves. Keep in mind that our bellhops are college students, not professional movers. We handpick them based on strength and work ethic, so feel free to boss them around. Tell them how you want something done and they’ll hop to it. If you’re moving a six-bedroom home full of 16th-century antiques, you might want to go for a traditional moving company. Otherwise book yourself some bellhops. You’ll be glad you did.

Do you provide trucks or moving supplies?

We focus on keeping your costs low and our flexibility high. In select markets, we do provide trucks, dollies, and furniture blankets at your request. In other markets, we’ll gladly help you book the right truck for your move. If all you need is muscle, simply book your preferred number of bellhops. We keep our services a la carte so you can move your way and on your schedule. To find out if we provide trucks in your area, give us a call (888-836-3939) or start our online booking process. You can reschedule or cancel at any time, free of charge.

I'm not sure of my move time. Can I book anyway?

Absolutely. You can cancel or reschedule up to 1 hour before your scheduled move, free of charge.

How much notice does Bellhops need?

The moving industry standard for minimum notice is five days, but that’s crazy, right? Moving day is a moving target. You don’t always know a week in advance when you’ll need help. That’s why with just a day's notice, we’ll be there exactly when you need us, guaranteed. If your timeline is even shorter than 24 hours, book with us ASAP and we’ll work together to find a time that works for those last-minute needs.

What if I need to reschedule my move on the big day?

While we can’t guarantee we’ll have bellhops available for moves rescheduled on the day of, let us know as quickly as possible and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

How well should I pack my stuff if I'm only moving a short distance?

As well as possible. Good packing will make your move quicker and keeps your things safer in transit. That’s true for moves across the street or across the country.

Can my bellhops pack for me?

Absolutely. If you’ve got the supplies and don’t mind tacking an hour or two onto your booking, your bellhops are set to pack. Just make sure to boss them around. They love it.

Can I purchase damage protection for my move?

Yes! In most states, you can purchase the Bellhops Protection Plan for just $23. This plan provides unlimited reimbursement for items damaged during your Bellhops reservation.

If I buy the Bellhops Protection Plan, when will I be charged?

You'll be charged on your scheduled move day.

What items does Bellhops Unlimited Protection cover?

Everything except gun safes, pianos, organs, pool tables, antiques, china cabinets, exercise equipment or anything collectible, irreplaceable, highly valuable or potentially dangerous.

Can I call back and add or remove the protection plan later?

Yes! You can purchase or cancel additional coverage up to the day before your move.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my move?


Who can file a claim?

Only the individual that booked the job can file a claim.

When should I file a claim?

Claims should be filed as soon as damage is discovered. It’s important to note that claims must be filed within 30 business days of the date of the move during which the damage occurred.

How long does it take for a claim to be processed?

On average, most claims are resolved within 15 days after we receive your completed claim form and supporting documentation.

What should I do with damaged items?

Please keep all damaged items until the claims process is resolved. Do NOT attempt to repair the damage yourself; doing so could invalidate your claim. It may be necessary for Bellhops to send a qualified third party provider to assess the damage.

How do I get updates on my claim?

If you would like updates on your claim, just send an email to

What happens when Bellhops agrees to pay on my claim?

Bellhops will notify you of its decision and the amount to be paid to you. At that time, Bellhops will issue you a check, credit your PayPal account, or replace the item for you, all at Bellhops's option.

What happens if a Bellhop gets hurt?

We cover that. If a Bellhop gets hurt on the job, just give us a call at 888-836-3939.