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Keep your thinking outside the box.

Give yourself more time to focus on the other changes in your life by taking advantage of our professional packing services.

Experienced packers make the process of getting ready…



We’ll ship the necessary supplies to your door so that you don’t have to worry about gathering everything yourself.



The right team will get you ready to move in a matter of hours.

...More Efficient.

...More Efficient.

Proper packing makes the rest of your move run smoothly and prevents your belongings from getting damaged during transit.

The best moving company ever! They came on time and packed my apartment up in less than 30m!

— Janay K., Customer in Baltimore

How it works

Connect with a member of our team.

In just a few minutes over the phone, a member of our concierge team can determine what you need and design a customized service plan.

Receive your packing supplies.

Boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, rolls of tape and everything else you need will be shipped to your home prior to your service.

Relax and let your team wrap things up.

The day of your service, the team lead will let you know they’re on the way. Once everyone arrives, they’ll conduct a brief walk-through, take note of any instructions, and then get started.

Common questions from customers:

Typically, yes. However, because of COVID-19, we're now offering contact-free moves. Talk to your move concierge about the steps we're taking to keep everyone safe.
They are not a basic part of our moving kits, but they can be included if you request them.
You can cancel or reschedule your move at no cost within 24 hours of booking.
Most packing kits include small, medium, and large moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, TV boxes (if needed), and markers to label the boxes. In addition, we send wrapping paper for dishes, Bubble Wrap, and packing tape. The number of these items varies by home. If you think you’ll require additional materials, please let us know as soon as possible.

Based on our experience and the data we’ve collected from previous work, we can determine the materials you’ll need simply by knowing the size and type of your home.

For instance, a large kitchen in a 3,000-square-foot, 3-bedroom home regularly requires: 2 small boxes, 6 medium boxes, 6 large boxes, 4 extra-large boxes, 60 pounds of packing paper, and 15 feet of Bubble Wrap.

We run these calculations for every room you specify and then build a moving kit that will accommodate your request.

Of course. They’re essential parts of the process.
We commit to the price you’ve been quoted, so if your service requires extra time or supplies, we’ll take care of that without it costing you anything more. With that said, if you think you’ll require additional materials, please let us know when reserving your services.
If your team is available, you can call and request additional labor and materials, but we cannot guarantee last-minute requests of this nature.

We're not limited to packing and unpacking.

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