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Like anything awesome (plane rides, restaurants, foreign dog breeds), we operate by reservation only and either require a deposit or prepayment in full.
Loading Only
Moving out? Your student Bellhops will move everything out of your place and into your moving truck, trailer, POD, etc. Bellhops are all former Tetris champions and can pack a truck pretty darn tight.
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Unloading Only
Moving in? Your student Bellhops will move everything out of your truck, trailer, POD, etc. and into your residence or storage facility. You know how a lab looks at a fresh tennis ball? That’s pretty much how Bellhops look at a truck full of stuff.
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Local 'A' to 'B' Move
Moving from one place to another locally? Whether you’ve arranged for a moving truck yourself or you need us to provide one, our student Bellhops will make sure your transition across town is effortless.

*Local moves only

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On-Site Dorm Move-In
Campus Move-in can be a nightmare. Have two personal Bellhops meet you at the curb to unload your vehicle[s], move everything up to your new room, and get you nice and situated! Leave the chaos, sweaty armpits and elevator lines to everyone else- WE’VE GOT THIS.

*Applies to one student’s belongings

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What We Do Not Do
We do not have the ability to store items. We will take your stuff there or move it out though!
Long Distance Moves
We serve customers who live within or moving within a 15 mile radius of Campus. If outside the 15 mile radius, call 1-888-836-3939 to see if we can make an exception but we offer no guarantees.