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We were told is was not going to cost more than 300$ to move from one apartment to the other. It indeed up costing 500$

4 days ago

Overall, Bellhops were nice and friendly. However, they were very inefficient. The worked in a pack. For example, it took about 45 minutes to move the washer and dryer. All 4 stood there talking about how to move it when, at most, it was a 2-person job. They would also stand and wait while one person disassembled the beds or a desk when they could have been moving other things. Additionally, one mover in particular moved furniture it was a ball in like a pinball machine. There is wall and ceiling damage in several areas of the old residence where furniture struck. Additional damage was caused in the new home. The doorbell was knocked off the front door frame. One of the slats between my dresser drawers is cracked almost completely in half. And the top of my son's solid cherry dresser was heavily damaged by a drawer placed on top, leaving several deep gouges. The master bed was not reassembled and all of the furniture was just dumped in the middle of the room without regard for placement. The desk they took apart was not put back together. My goal in hiring Bellhops was strictly to move the larger pieces of furniture. 3 beds and nightstands, 4 dressers, a dining room set, kitchen set, sofa, loveseat, 2 larger chairs. This was not a lot of furniture and I expected it should take no more than 4 hours altogether. It took nearly four hours just to load the truck. If we hadn't assumed responsibility for moving the bulk of the house--TVs, computers, clothes, linens, dishes, pots and pans, etc., I can only imagine how long it would have taken. I don't like to give poor reviews and my intention here is really to suggest additional training is needed. The team leader needs to be mindful of time and keep the team on track. I am particularly disappointed that there was so much damage. I feel I was overcharged for this move due to the overage in time. It should not have taken 6 hours.

7 days ago

The entire crew was OUTSTANDING!! I will recommend Bellhops to everyone I know. Quick, easy, organized & professional.

9 days ago

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