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Help us make a difference in people’s lives

Moving is considered one of the most stressful experiences people go through, and every day we discover new ways to make it simpler and easier.

Why you want to work at Bellhops:

Because you’ll be part of an exceptionally talented team.

Our tech-enabled approach means you will work with teams of top-shelf engineers, product managers, operations strategists, customer-care specialists, and growth experts.

Because our culture sets us apart.

We have ambitious goals and make sure everyone feels encouraged to own their portion of the business, experiment with new ideas, and take the proper actions to achieve success.

Because we take good care of each other.

We provide competitive compensation packages that include a significant equity incentive as well as health coverage and accommodations to achieve a sustainable work-life balance.

Changing an industry requires a different approach.

There’s a good chance you never thought you’d be excited to work for a moving company. And that’s understandable. For decades, the industry has been plagued by inefficiencies and—more often than not—a reputation for letting customers down.

But that’s what’s inspiring about Bellhops: No one here would be interested in working for a traditional moving company. Instead, we’re building something new. We’re solving inefficiencies and raising standards. And to achieve this, we’ve successfully created a business model that’s built on teamwork, technology, and tenacity.

While each team member has a specific, clearly defined role, we’re all connected by a strong set of values that’s been created to build long-term relationships, foster advancement, and guide the decisions we make. They are:


Innovator’s Mind

The drive to identify opportunities and create solutions to better serve our customers.


Owner’s Grit

The commitment to get things done the right way even if it’s the hard way. We never settle for anything less.


Servant’s Heart

The devotion to care for others by putting them first and treating them as we’d like to be treated.


Playful Spirit

The willingness to approach life with optimism, energy, and lightheartedness.


Thoughtful Community

The consideration necessary to anticipate the needs of customers and bring warmth to every interaction.


Winning Performance

The focus to complete the task at hand at the highest level, with a little showmanship along the way.

We want each individual at our company to grow as we grow. And so we invest in their professional development and support them as they learn new skills and take on bigger challenges.

Because of the commitment we make to employees, we ask for a similar commitment in return. If you’re simply looking for a stepping stone, or a paycheck while you discover your true calling, then Bellhops isn’t really for you. If, however, you feel like you share these values—and would be motivated and rewarded by helping people get to their next stop in life—then we’d love to learn more about you.

Open Positions

Customer Experience

Concierge Team - Inside Sales Associate
Chattanooga, TN / Seasonal
Customer Care Associate
Chattanooga, TN / Seasonal
Outbound Sales Associate
Chattanooga, TN / Seasonal
Sales Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Chattanooga, TN / Full-time
Team Lead, Inside Sales
Chattanooga, TN / Full-time


Platform Engineer
Atlanta, GA / Fort Lauderdale, FL / Contractor


Associate, Bellhop Onboarding
Chattanooga, TN / Seasonal
Carrier Acquisition Specialist
Chattanooga, TN / Full-time
City Operations Manager, Boston
Boston, MA / Full-time
City Operations Manager, Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA / Full-time
Daily Operations Associate (Seasonal)
Chattanooga, TN / Seasonal
Long Distance Move Coordinator
Chattanooga, TN / Full-time
Long Distance Sales Associate
Chattanooga, TN / Full-time
Team Lead, Bellhop Onboarding
Chattanooga, TN / Full-time