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Self Storage

Are you looking for a new place to store your belongings?

You’ve come to the right place! We offer affordable and convenient with our partnered self-storage solutions. Whether you need storage for a few months or just want some extra space, we have what you need.

Our partner facilities are clean, secure, and climate controlled so that your items will be safe with the best storage providers around.

With Bellhop Partners Self Storage Solutions, it is easy to find the perfect unit size for your needs with no long term commitment necessary. With 24 hour access you can get in anytime day or night! Stop worrying about where to store your things because we've got everything covered here at Bellhop Partners Self Storage Solutions!

Self storage for business

Secure storage solution has become very important for businesses looking to store their office supplies and office equipment since many businesses have evolved rapidly over the years. There are now various types of businesses competing to stay in the market as long as possible. Many business owners now consider renting a self-storage unit for their needs. Aside from the use of storage services for personal use, business owners are now realizing that storage facilities could indeed help them grow their businesses, while also giving them peace of mind.

Secure storage units

Secure storage units are cost-effective for both personal and business use. At Bellhop, we know the value of storage space for personal and business use, and we can connect you with our preferred storage partners, who are experts in the storage business.

Other self storage advantages

These two advantages are among the best features a self-storage unit can provide to individuals, homes, and businesses of all sizes. Self-storage facilities are very convenient because they offer many services to help with storage and moving. Our storage partners provide a van to pick up and return items. They have industry-leading amenities for moving inventories, office supplies, stocks, personal belongings, etc.

If you run a boutique/store, for instance, you may need to store your stock and seasonal clothing elsewhere. You can contact our self-storage partners to help you move your items into our secure facilities and back to your store when you need them. If you contact Bellhop, we'll be happy to connect you with an expert team from our preferred storage partners. Our partners can also help you pack and take inventory if you're too busy.

Saving money is a goal for both homes and businesses. A business venture is successful if more money enters than exits. Self-storage is a great way to save money because the rent is less than in traditional warehouses. Our preferred storage partners follow the maxim "more for less". With, affordably priced storage units from our preferred storage partners, you won't have to spend a lot to experience their award-winning customer service.

Large items can fit in these units. You can rent a self-storage unit if you want to own ski boats, canoes, recreational vehicles, vintage cars, etc. but don't have enough storage space. Due to the increased demand for large-item storage, most storage facilities have begun creating large spaces to meet your needs. In a professionally managed self-storage facility, you have direct access to your items at any time by simply entering a code at the facility gate. You will have private access to your storage unit at all times.

Storage facilities, unlike our homes, provide more security. Gated entry, surveillance cameras, security fences, security guards, and limited time to enter and exit are all used to secure these units. Storage units are safer than our homes' garage or basement for storing valuable items. Unused items in offices and homes are reduced, allowing more room for other necessities. Rather than taking up valuable space in our homes or offices, we can store unwanted items in a self-storage unit.

Instead of piling items in your office due to space constraints, rent a storage facility. Offices nowadays are expensive to own and tend to be cluttered with paperwork, equipment, unused furniture, and other items that take up valuable workspace. Today, most businesses hire storage facilities to keep paperwork, equipment, and furniture offsite, saving money over moving into a larger office.

Each of our storage partners have standard storage unit sizes. They have interactive features where you can key in the items you want to store and it will automatically suggest the best storage size for your needs. We can put you in touch with one of their representatives for more information or questions. Our storage partners have several locations throughout the city. It is best to use the closest facility for convenience.

Find a location

At Bellhop, we have storage partners who can help you with these types of home and business adjustments. Our partners have storage units available to help you store your belongings. At Bellhop, we can connect you to representatives of our 24/7 storage partners who can help you with your decision-making process.