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Bellhop Nation Partnership Program

Partner with Bellhop

We'll focus on bringing new customers to you so you can get back to what you're good at - delivering excellent moves and generating revenue. Unlike lead-gen providers, we send you orders that we've already scheduled, both over the phone and via our user-friendly web flow. All you need to focus on is making the move happen - we'll take care of everything else.

Become a Bellhop Preferred Partner today - there's no obligation.

Why Partner With Bellhop?

  • Support - Our Operations team makes sure that you've got everything you need to make each move a success.
  • Technology - Our easy-to-use booking flow and App for movers helps keep everyone on the same page. There's nothing worse than a move-day surprise, and preventing that is where we come in
  • Reliability - Not only will our marketing and sales team keep a steady flow of move orders coming to you, but by becoming a Bellhop Preferred Partner, you'll be paid weekly, via direct-deposit.
  • Flexibility - No long-term contracts. It only works for us if it works for you.
  • What Moves Does Bellhop Offer?

    Bellhop Trucks

    Full-Service Moves

    Local moves involving a truck, driver, and movers.


    Labor-Only/Hourly Moves

    These moves could entail loading or unloading a customer's truck or storage container. Bellhop Preferred Partners make money per mover, per hour.


    Long-Distance Moves

    Long-distance moves are those where the destination is more than 50 miles from the origin. These moves require a truck, driver, and moving team.

    Partner Requirements

    Satisfied Customers

    As a data-driven company, we want to make sure our customers are happy.


    There's nothing worse than a move that starts late, or not at all.

    Accurate Reporting

    Timelogs from each move are critical to moves being paid out. Our Delta platform can assist with proper time-keeping.

    Service Area Agreement

    Let us know where you hope to operate, and your hours of availability - we'll take care of the rest.

    Moving Equipment

    All moves require an appliance and furniture dolly, hand truck, stretch wrap, and a basic toolkit. Full-Service moves also require moving blankets.

    Interested in becoming a Bellhop Preferred Partner? Get in touch.