Gig City: How Chattanooga Became a Tech Hub
Chattanooga allows us to appeal to a lot of the millennial workforce that's defecting from Silicon Valley and New York and looking for a change of pace.
Tech in Chattanooga / Rise of the Rest
Chattanooga, Tennessee has been announced as the newest city on the "Rise of the Rest" tour. This seed fund tour grants $100,000 to one local startup in the small to medium-size cities it visits.
The Gig Economy: How to Get Your Side Hustle On
Bellhops has opportunities for helping people move within your preferred service area.
Bellhops' CEO discusses his vision for the future of the company
We are heads down. We are focused. So, I don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves, but we're really confident in the feedback that we receive from customers that we have something working.
Uber-style moving service arrives in DC
By pairing our fun, friendly workforce with our logistical technology, we have designed a platform that makes moving less stressful, more transparent and more on-demand than ever before.
18 of the hottest under-the-radar startups to watch in 2017
What sets Bellhops apart from other movers is its convenience: you can instantly get a quote online, reserve a moving crew for $1, and choose from three different types of moves.
Start-Ups Seek to Take Some of the Pain Out of Moving
Customers receive a biography of their 'bellhop' when they schedule a move. Once the move is complete, customers rate the movers much as a passenger would rate a driver after an Uber ride.
Bellhops Growing in the Triangle Area
Sherman says he received an email a couple days before the move with the Bellhops’ names, photos and college majors.
With Student Workforce, Bellhops Offers Alternative For Smaller Moving jobs
Foley estimated she’s saving at least $3,000 by using Bellhops over a traditional moving company.
Need Help Moving? Service Pairs College Students With Customers
Pick and choose, it's a like a salad bar for moving. You pick what you want, we got a few movers for a few hours. That's all we really needed.
Bellhops Picks Up $13.5 Million for Moving Services
Bellhops Inc. has raised $13.5 million in Series B funding for its on-demand moving services.
Bellhops Makes The 25 Best Large-Company Cultures in 2015
It provides a productive, engaged work environment that exceeds expectations and gets results.
Bellhops App Seeks To Perfect The Do-It-Yourself Moving Experience
That's what I like most about it, is the freedom over your schedule.
After Using A Startup Called Bellhops, I'm Never Going Back To Traditional Movers
It was such a pleasure to sit back and let Bellhops take care of everything.
What Millennials Can Teach Boomers About Start-up Success
Bellhops is trying to be the next Bellhops — establishing their own business model and standards for customer service and success.