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Bellhops City Guides

It helps to know a little about where you're going.

Your long-distance move starts well before you drive down to the liquor store in search for a few free boxes. It begins with the thrilling idea of a fresh start—whether it's a new job, a new relationship, or maybe just the chance to explore something different.

No matter the reason, once you’ve made the decision, there’s often as much uncertainty as there is excitement. Question arise such as: What will life be like? What kind of friends will I make? Where will I live?

Make no mistake: relocating takes guts. But Bellhops is here to help. For every location that we service, we’re creating a guide full of information and resources to make the process easier. Where to live, where to eat, where to enjoy a drink or two—everything you need to know about life in your new city will be covered.