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Drive for Bellhops

No-touch freight, get paid while you wait.

Work with the company that's changing the way people move and enjoy hourly pay for low-mileage jobs.

To learn more, call 423-665-9741

Why you want to drive for Bellhops:

Local daytime routes

Our runs average less than 15 miles, which means you'll limit your gas expenditures and save your truck from wear and tear.

Flexible scheduling

Submit your availability in our app to get matched with jobs that fit with the rest of your life.

Regular payment

Our simple weekly payment structure enables you to spend less time bookkeeping and more time doing what you want.

How it works:

We understand that driving is a specialized skill, which is why drivers with Bellhops do not assist with loading or unloading items. Your only responsibilities are to arrive on time with the necessary truck and tools and then transport the customers' belongings safely from one location to the next.


Submit your schedule and get matched with moves in your area.

Download the Bellhops app, and then set your schedule. The app tracks all of your job details and lets you know who you’ll be working with.


Meet the team and relax while they carry out the move.

Drivers are required to arrive on time with the necessary moving equipment. Once the moving begins, however, you're free to read, watch Netflix, or call a friend. (Honestly, we're jealous just writing this.)


Secure the load and safely transport it to the final destination.

Once the truck is loaded, you’ll double-check to make sure everything is ready for safe transport and then take it to the final destination, where the bellhops will complete the move.