Last minute movers and moving services

Moving is hard enough without the added strain of relocating on a short timeline. Sometimes moving plans fall through; sometimes you need to get out of a living situation in a hurry. Whatever the reason, if you need to move quickly, we got you. With flexible scheduling and competitive, transparent pricing, Bellhop is the last minute mover to beat. Don’t wait––get in touch now so we can take the weight off your shoulders.

Need movers on short notice? No problem!

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of planning your move far in advance, and we understand that. Bellhop offers fast, efficient service to help you move in a hurry. No matter how big or small the job is, we have skilled movers and flexible hours to accommodate your busy schedule. You can receive an estimate in minutes and book online, or get your move scheduled with a member of our customer service team today.

Reliable short notice movers

Moving can be overwhelming, especially on a short timeline, but we’re here to handle the logistics so you can focus on your life transition. Don’t gamble on another moving company that markets itself as a “last minute mover” –– we have experience executing quick turnaround (and even same-day) moves with the same care and attention to detail as any other job. Your furniture and belongings are safe with us.

Professional moving services

With years of experience, Bellhop’s quality moving professionals and our top-rated customer service team will be with you every step of the way. You’ll receive clear communication leading up to your move, and you can trust that your background-checked, licensed, and insured Bellhop movers have the skills and expertise to get you from A to B with ease.

Dos and Don'ts of Last Minute Moving

It’s easy to panic when you’re facing a last minute move, but take a deep breath: you can do this, and we can help! A good first step is to create a thorough moving checklist (start here). Next, you’ll want to contact all of the institutions you have relationships with, such as banks, post offices, utility companies, and credit card companies, to update your new address. Finally, we’ve got you covered with some packing “hacks” that will help you cut your move-prep time in half.

Save yourself the time, energy, and anxiety of trying to move by yourself, especially if you’re in a hurry to relocate. Book a reputable mover like Bellhop to streamline the entire process, especially if you have large objects to move, or are planning to travel any distance with children or pets. Your peace of mind is well worth the investment!

As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. Many moving companies will attempt to win your business with a low cost estimate, only to tack on a bunch of last minute charges. Be sure to ask about base fees, mileage fees, large object surcharges, and any other costs that may not be shared in your initial estimate. Some moving companies will even add fees if you don’t live in a street-level home (i.e. if they have to move things up and down stairs).

Nothing puts a damper on your move like a strained back or torn rotator cuff! Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals: movers like Bellhop have the equipment and the muscle necessary to handle furniture and appliances of all sizes (including niche items like industrial machinery and safes). Your movers will come prepared with furniture racks, dollies, blankets and pads to ensure the safe transport of your belongings. Best of all, you can relax while we get the job done.

How to Hire Movers Quickly for a Last Minute Move

When you’re in a pinch, it’s easy to get suckered into paying more than you can afford for relocation services. Bellhop, on the other hand, will work with you on a flexible moving plan that fits your labor, truck, and budget requirements. It’s important to be transparent about your moving timeline and any scheduling limitations you may have, especially when you need to move in a hurry. From there, we’ll put together a realistic moving schedule to make sure the job gets done on time and in a professional manner.

While many people look to online reviews to research movers, you should make sure that the reviews are written by regular customers who actually used the movers (review fraud in the moving industry is, unfortunately, commonplace). In addition to reviews that specifically mention customer service, reliability, professionalism, timeliness, and other important quality standards, look for specific details, like the name(s) of the moving professionals and the locations the customer moved to and/or from.

While a reputable moving company will know what questions to ask you to understand your unique needs, it’s not a bad idea to prepare some questions of your own when reaching out. For example, is the moving company properly licensed, and does it provide liability insurance? What are the terms of the company’s cancellation policy? Will the moving company be delivering your belongings, or will another party be delivering them? Finally, if you have any large items (e.g. a piano) that will need special accommodation, make sure to confirm that the moving company has the necessary experience and equipment to move them safely and efficiently.